Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 39 – Outpost Guide Part 6: Nat's Repairs

Nat's Repairs
Found on the Eastern side of the Island. You can easily approach it from the road just to the West of it. Use the foliage there as cover to scope out the entire place. You will find yourself looking at 5 guards, 3 of which are snipers, 1 soldier who is wielding and  1 charger who is patrolling around. There are 2 more soldiers in the Southern portion of the camp as well.. You can also notice the Alarm is found in the Northwestern and Southeastern corners of the camp. There is also a bear in a cage.

This is one of those you can solve very easily by releasing the bear on the guards who are around. Head into the foliage to the West of camp and you will find a very nice and clear shot at the cage itself. You can also nick the explosive barrel nearby to loose the bear. Either way the bear will take care of most of the pirates in there without much difficulty. You might want to help it out by picking off the snipers you can see.

Head in through either Northern or Southern entrance and sneak long enough to disable either alarm, stopping them from getting reinforcements. After that, fire on the explosive barrels as the pirates near them to quickly take them all out. Remember about the Snipers above and use grenades or other methods to deal with them quickly before they can kill Jason with their high damage.

Take Over:
When this Outpost is turned over to the Raykat you will unlock the usual store and Safe House Fast Travel point. You also gain access to the side quest “Dog Soldier”, a new sharpshooter challenge and a Wanted: Dead side Quest. Head into the Safe House to find another Memory Card as well.