Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 38 – Piece of the Past: Infiltrate the Nostalgia

Head through the door and down the hallway. Take the first door on the left to find a very distracted soldier. Take him down then head deeper into the room he is in. Turn to the right to find the next doorway. You have a few soldiers in there to kill as well. There are only 2 more in that room but they do an okay job of patrolling the room, at least one does. Wait for the one to pass you by then take him down. After that turn to the left and look for the one on the ground rummaging. Take him out as well. After that head to the nearby wall and disable the alarms. With those out it will make your life a lot easier.

Turn around from disabling the alarm and head on down the stairs there.  At the base of the stairs you will enter the bunks. Here Jason will find one pirate patrolling the area and another wielding. Sneak up on the one patrolling and take him down. After that, head through the room and over  the right to the second one. With them both dead continue to the North and open the next bulk head.

On the other side you have 3 more soldiers in front of you with some cover between you and them. Creep up or just open fire. You are nearly at the laptop at this point. Once these pirates are down head to the door to the North. On the other side of that door you will find a heavy and the laptop  you are looking for. The problem here is when you get the information there is a bomb that goes off close by from Jason hacking the computer.

When play resumes head forward for the door. Immediately click swim faster. If you have a Deep Dive or the supplies to make it, do so and save it for now. It makes getting through the short submerged sections notably easier. The hard part is it wear off each time you emerge from the water. If you can only make a few save it for when you get turned around. Once you make it through the door look to the left for a red light. Head toward that then turn to the right to find your way back to the open air.

Once in the dry section of the boat move to the left and find your way over to the next door. Once there Jason will get through it automatically. After that head over to the left and loop around the wreckage. There is a lot but you will find another bulk head. Open it up and you will be plunged back into the water.

Head through the doorway and over to the left. Jason will be ambushed by a pirate here who tries to kill him. Follow the button prompts to get through the sequence and live. With the pirate dealt with head through the door just below the pirate's body. Swim through the hallway into the next room. Just in front of you will be an air tank. Interact with it to get a full breath of air. Head forward until metal blocks the door in front of Jason. When that happens head over to the right and through the door there. Interact with the next air tank and then the nearby window to escape the Nostalgia and get away free into another whiteout. Jason comes to with Buck over him. The two talk and then it is off to the next mission.