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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 36 – Saving Oliver: Escaping, The Social Club
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 01/9/2013
A series of articles covering Far Cry 3. This covers the mission, "Saving Oliver", where Jason must protect Oliver as they escape on a boat.

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 36 – Saving Oliver: Escaping, The Social Club

Saving Oliver: Escaping
Immediately look to the left and start gunning. There are a few guards left on those docks and one of them likely has a RPG with them. Just fire until they are dead. After that look forward and slightly to the right. Ahead is a dock on the right with some pirates on it. Start firing on it to get a few pirates and with some luck the explosive barrels on it to wipe the rest out quickly. After that look forward and start firing on the boat that comes up on your left. Go for either the gunner or the driver to stop its pursuit.

Things are getting harder now. Look forward and fire on the bridge. You have a truck there determined to shoot you full of holes and a pirate as well. Go for the explosive barrels on the left-hand end of the bridge to deal with them quickly.

Once Jason and Oliver pass under the bridge the pirates start trying for real. You have a truck on the road and at least one boat on you at all times here on out. Find them quickly and start gunning for them. As much as possible, stagger your fire to keep the mounted gun from Overheating. If it overheats that leaves both of you very vulnerable and this is a bad time to have that going on.

After a few minutes of just boating at full speed you have a helicopter join the chase. Immediately start firing on that as it can wreck the boat very quickly with all the help from the other vehicles. Just aim for the underside of the chopper to take it down quickly. That chopper also marks the end of your rescue with Ollie.

Jason heads back to the Cave with Ollie and the group is reunited. There are only a few left to go. Enjoy the break in the action and with Liza. After that head on out of the cave. There is plenty left to do here. For example head over to the “food” that Dr. Earnhardt left for everyone. Eat one of the “Eat Me” and you will have this short interlude

The Social Club
After the opening scene head over to the barkeep and get the drinks for everyone. This gives a nice little bit of insight to what the group was like before this whole incident. They are celebrating Riley getting his pilot's license.