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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 35 – Saving Oliver: Finding Oliver
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 01/9/2013
A series of articles covering Far Cry 3. This covers the mission, "Saving Oliver", where Jason must track down his friend Oliver.

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 35 – Saving Oliver: The Radio Tower, Finding Oliver

The Radio Tower
Head for Amanaki Outpost and from there go to the East. The Radio tower is found off the road a ways out. It is recommended that you drive there to save yourself a lot of time running. There will be a few pirates on the way as there are at least 2 Outpost in the vicinity of the Tower.

When you make it to the base of the tower head past it and look for the slope that is just behind it. This one you need to climb a little just to get onto the tower itself. Head up the slope and over to the right to cross to the tower itself.  Once on it move to the right and look to the left to find the first climbable ledge. Take it upwards and head to the outer part of the tower. Go around to the next ledge and continue upwards. Climb up and head forward over to the next set of stairs going upwards. At the top of those you will have 2 climbable ledges. After that is the l;adder that will take you up to the top. Find the lootable chest then activate the tower to gain the nearby area's map. This will also give you a new Supply Drop Sidequest nearby.

Getting into the Camp
Head to the Northeast from the tower the short ways that remains to reach the starting point for this mission. When you get there immediately head for the car. If you do not,m you will, more than likely, get stuck defending yourself from a pair of Komodo Dragons. You have a 100 seconds to get from the original spot over to the vantage point.

Once in the car gun it to the South then angle more to the West. Just keep to the roads and do not stop for anything, maybe the buffalo though. When you make it there you will find 4 pirates in the area. Switch from the driver's seat to the mounted gun and mow them down. After that, quickly get out of the car and dash over to the marker to find the vantage point.

Once there look to the stairs that are a little to the right of where you start with the camera. Aside from there, just wait for the helicopter to appear. It will be followed by the convoy with Oliver before too long. Wait through the pirates kicking him a few times and for Jason to change over to his sniper rifle.

Now it is time to start picking off the pirates. Start with the lone soldier pushing Ollie toward the helicopter. Lead the shot just an iota then pop him in the head or chest. After that you need to deal with the 5 other pirates. Pick them off quickly and focus on keeping Oliver covered. There are a few more pirates that will appear from the rooms below where the convoy stopped. There are at least 5 that will appear and come charging at Oliver as he starts for the boat.

As Oliver heads more to the left there will be more guards. As much as possible use the explosive barrels that line the walkway and the docks to deal with multiple targets at once. They will start firing on Jason inside of Oliver which gives him a break. It is very possible he will make it through this part, if you draw a lot of the fire, without much to any harm. Once he reaches the end of the dock you only have a few guards to go. When you see the Sniper, take him out quickly else he might make the next part a bit harder.

When Jason puts down the Sniper rifle jump off the cliff in front of you and head for the boat. It is time to both Oliver and Jason to get away from here. Jason will automatically get into the Mounted gun on the boat.