Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 34 – Sidequest: Badtown Supply Drops

Supply Drop North of Badtown
Once you active the Radio Tower directly North of Badtown this supply drop will become available. You have a buggy for this one and be given 75 seconds to complete the run.

Start, as always, by going straight forward. Hit the ledge and as you land, turn to the right. You have a few flares of just going through the trees from one to the next. Be careful not to hit any as that does cost you some time. Stay in the trees until the flares appear on the road. If you land on the road early, then you likely will need to restart the run. Follow the flares through the trees until you drop down onto the right

Once you make it through the forest and are on the road just hold a steady course. Drive to the right when you hit the first intersection and hold your course across the bridges. Once you get across the bridges you will want to bear right. This will be followed by a sharp left up the embankment on that side.

Supply Drop South of Badtown
With the Radio Tower active South of Badtown Jason can complete another supply drop. You have 90 seconds on the quad bike to complete this run.

Start by going straight forward. Go down the side the mountain into the small ravine. Just hold this course for the first few flares. When you make it to the flare on the road you will want to break left and follow the road for a moment. You are usually better off just going straight and avoiding the road for this flare on gthe off chance some pirates are driving on it. But you only need to stay on it for 2 flares. After that you break to the right and head down to the beach. Once there proceed straight ahead.

Pass through the flares on the beach but it is about to get a little tricky. When the trail starts going back up the slope, keep more to the right. You cannot go straight forward to this marker. Instead you need to cut around the hill to the marker. From there break to the right and head down to the beach again. When you hit the sand turn to the left and follow the last few flares to your destination. It is not far down the beach but you need to hit it a little more precisely than the others.