Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 33 – A Man Named Hoyt: Protect Rongo

As you head through the rice field keep alert. There are going to be a number of pirates coming at you now. Fight your way to the first house and clear it of pirates to advance Rongo into the village itself. You need to head up the hill to his place now and there are plenty of pirates along the way. Once in the village you have another wave of pirates to deal with. Fight through them and start up the hill. One of the houses on the right will explode and the pair will need to detour around. Fight your way through this final section, getting the 2 pirates who appear on the stairs and then press forward to the right, dealing with the 3 that remain between Rongo and his house.

Once inside his house, take a moment to find the ammo near where Rongo is searching to restock. You are going to want to stick close to Rongo while he searches for the documents. If you have any Enhanced Perception, this is a good time to use it. The first wave that comes at Rongo's house is simple, 2 soldiers and 1 charger. Kill the charger quickly then pick off the soldiers.

The second wave comes from the North with 3 pirates in the same mix. The same can be said for the third wave that follows. The one after has 2 chargers and some pirates who will not immediately engage you. Use that time to reload and heal if needed.

At this point all the pirates are going to try to rush this location. If you can, lay a mine or two in front of the house to deal with the next couple of chargers. After that you have a number of soldiers that will be trying to get you as well. You need to aim carefully or just fire into their midst. There are a good number so it will take a fair amount of effort to punch through the whole of their force.

With enough effort and some good aim you will make it through the waves of the pirates. You will know it is over when Rongo calls over to you and tells you that he found the documents that he stole. Jason will get the picture that Willis needs. Willis will decode it easily and tell Jason where to find Oliver. Head to the Gun Shop in Bad Town to restock on bullets and everything else. It is not going to be easy to get to Oliver but you are on the right track.