Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 32 – A Man Named Hoyt: Bera Town

Head back to Badtown and into Willis' house. Once again Jason will be shown into the back room of the hut. Willis will pay back an audio recording that tells you a bit of what is going on between Hoyt and Vaas. He will also give you an ear piece so he can talk with you in the field a bit easier. After that, he points you to Beras Town where you can likely find the manifest with one of your friends on it. Once you are above ground and out in Badtown again it is time to head for the Rice Fields. Take some time to revise your weaponry. You want one distance weapon but also a number of mid to close range weapons as well. Be sure to restock on explosives if you like using them in big fights. They are found to the Northwest from Badtown. Grab a car or a boat and make your way over there.

Once you make it over to Beras town there is a bit to do. You will find a search area set up inside the town. Head into it to begin the next part of the mission. It is better to approach from the East as it will give you a nice, easy route over to the shack that Willis wants you to reach. From there just work your way to the West along the Southern side of town. This should easily get you most of the way there without any trouble from the pirates. Get to the marked shack and look along its Western side to find the door in. Just go in and watch the cutscene.

When it is over you will be prompted to save the man in the Red stripped shirt. Once Hoyt clears out, there will be 2 guards and a dog for you to worry about. Start with the 2 guards. If have your RPG you can blast them easily from the shack. The same goes for having a Sniper Rifle to quickly take out them out as well.

With the pirates down head toward Rongo, your target. Do not go through the rice fields as they are still trapped with mines. Instead head along the side of the rice field and approach Rongo from the thin strip of land leading to the house he has taken refuge in. Approach him and look behind him to free him.

He will not just give over the information. Jason needs to help him with freeing the village from the pirates of course. Stay close to Rongo and pull out a weapon with a high rate of fire. For once, stealth is not an option. He also knows where the mines are so you stand a chance at making it through without getting blown up.