Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 31 – Kick the Hornet's Nest

Before you start this next part consider the syringe potency skills and having more than a few fireproof syringes for what is to come. Head over to the fields and you have a 2 guards and a dog to deal with. Honestly though you do not need to worry about them.

Approach the field, dose yourself with Fireproof and then start roasting the crops. There are 2 sides and it does take a moment for all of it to catch fire. Just walk through the fields and go through a tank to light it all on fire. With one sweep complete just wait for the crops to burn. When they have, move to the North to find the second field.

This second field is made up of 5 smaller fields spread throughout the town. Once again, craft more Fireproof if needed and head in. Start by going to the Northern most field. Light it on fire. There will be a few guards and a dog summoned up by you burning it. The second field is to the South of it. Once again, roast it. From there head over to the East and set fire to the third field. This one draws a lot more fire with at least 4 guards coming at you. Weave through the small fences to get some cover. Use this time to reload the Flamethrower. Likely you are getting low on fuel for the flamethrower. Head to the shack at the Southeastern edge of the third field to find more ammo for it.

Now that you are restocked it is time to move onto the remaining 2 fields. There are 8 more guards to deal with here. 4 patrol the fields themselves while 4 sit in the back part of the fields in case of trouble. You can either use the shack where you found the ammo to pick a few off or just head down into the field and start burning them. There are just 2 fields left. Use Fireproof again and wade into the fields, setting them aflame. This will scare and enrage the nearby guards who will then attack you. Roast them as you burn the fields.

When you have burnt all 5 of the fields your goal will be to reach a nearby fishing village to recover some. Head out to the East, toward the sea. You can finish off any guards that are nearby if you want but it is not mandatory. Move through the town quickly as you need to destroy the boat that is departing from the dock. You want to cut more to the left or the right of the center of town. Going through the center is a death wish without body armor. You have a lot of guards there who are determined to kill you. The sooner you get to the boat in the 40 second timer you have, the easier it is to hit. The longer you take, the harder it gets. When the boat leaves depends on when Jason is detected on the docks. If he can approach in stealth it is nothing to destroy the boat. If he is spotted, it gets harder to pull off the shot.

Once the boat goes down, the mission is completed. It is time again to go find Willis and talk with him. This will also unlock the side quest, “Cargo Dump”.