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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 30 – Kick the Hornet's Nest: Radio Towers
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 01/8/2013
A series of articles covering Far Cry 3. This covers the mission, "Kick the Hornet's Nest", where Jason must climb 2 radio towers to get a clear view of the area he needs.

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 30 – Kick the Hornet's Nest: Radio Towers

There are 2 radio towers you want to hit in this area to reveal a nice chuck of the map, unlock a few new weapons and make the map a lot more useful. Start by heading to the North of Badtown

Northern Tower
Approach it from Badtown. When you get to the tower itself first look for the car underneath. Climb up onto it and from there you can easily reach the bottom floor of the tower. Turn to the right and use the beams to balance over to the first set of stairs leading upwards. At the top of the stairs jump over to the left and onto the slopping platform that fell from the level above. Take that up and turn around. You will see a climbable ledge. You need to jump at it and grab it while in mid-air. Do not worry if you miss it the first time, you can easily try again.

Once you make it onto the ledge turn around and move to the left along the beams in a crouch. Cross the tower to the opposite side and continue upwards. You will need to grab another climbable ledge but this one you can approach without any difficulty. Head around the outside of the tower and then climb up the ladder. Head to the center of the tower after that and look up to find the next climbable ledge. After that look to the left to find the final ladder upwards. You are now at the top. Loot the chest that is nearby then disable the scrambler on the tower. By activating this tower you will reveal a supply drop at the base of the tower.

Southern Radio Tower
Head to the South of Badtown  but give a wide berth to the next mission objective or you will get sucked into it. Also you need to wary around the base of the tower as it is bear territory. Switch to a LMG if you can to avoid anything bad happening, the Flamethrower works very well too. Get to the base of the tower and head over to the stairs to start your climb upwards. At the top of the stairs you will find a climbable ledge. Take that upwards then head over to the right and take the next ledge up as well. Move across the beams to the stairs opposite the ledge to continue upwards.

Take those stairs up and you will find a ladder leading higher. To keep moving upwards from there head to the outer part of the tower and look for the next  climbable edge. Turn around immediately after you finish climbing to find another ledge to go up. After that head around the outside the tower and cross over to the other side where you can find the ledge leading upwards. Once you get up that one you will find the ladder that leads to the top of the tower. Get up there, open the loot container then activate the tower. This will reveal more of the map and give you  new supply drop mission. Now that you can see the field itself properly it is time to set it aflame.