Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 29 – The Bad Side Of Town, Kick the Hornet's Nest

It is time to head for the other side of the island. The good news is that you can instantly fast travel to a safe house in Badtown. Once there you have a few options as you appear outside a search zone. Still, it is better to simply start with the story mission and worry about the other stuff once you do not have the immediate threat of death over your head.

Head to the East and into the bar. Just head into the water and weave your way around the shanties to make it there. It will not be long before you find the bar. Once inside head forward then to the right into the main bar itself. After that you need to play a game of Poker.

Head over to the one table you see with a glowing seat. Listen to the banter of the men at the table. From there just wait. The man in while will show up. After that it is time to start sneaking and see where this will lead you.

Head over to the right and through the small doorway on the side. Turn to the left and head back out into the Shantytown. Duck behind the steel siding off to your right and wait for a 20 second timer to appear. This means the man in white is moving. Duck around the siding and into the palms around the corner. Look ahead to the left and you will see another bunch of palms you can slide into. From there, move over to the right and hide by the outer edge of the shop. While he talks with the working girl go around back of the shop and then start tailing him again after he finishes talking with her.

Head past the girl and take over behind the boxes just past her. Your man in white will turn around and look over his shoulder here. Keep out of sight until the timer appears. From there head down the slope and to the short outcropping of siding. Duck behind here and wait for the man to pause then start moving again once he has crossed the small foot bridge. Keep up with him as he heads around the turn at the top of slope. Hide behind the crate on the right for a minute to give Jason the time he needs to track the man and avoid notice. Just wait here for the man to head into the nearby house.

Kick the Hornet's Nest: Inside the Man's House
Once the man is inside it is time for Jason to enter as well. Open the door and move to confront this man. Immediate the man shows that he had more up his sleeve than Jason thought. Just wait for the conversation to finish and head through the door opposite the American flag. Follow the thin hallway through to where this man, Willis, is waiting. The two have a chat and he asks Jason to go torch a few things with a flamethrower for him that will get Hoyt over to the island, potentially putting him in a position to nab Hoyt or do something to him.

Once outside the house Jason will call Dennis to see what he can learn about Hoyt. While he does not learn a lot he learns something. It is time to start working toward the bigger goal here so you need to find the fields and set them aflame.