Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 27 – Outpost Guide Part 4: Orphan Point

This Outpost sits on a beach. The best chance you have of scouting it undetected rest in heading in from Mosquito Yard via boat. Head to the Northern end of the area where you find Orphan Point. This puts you in a position to approach it from the North through the cover of trees. Hug to the bushes and the trees. This will let you see the 5 Pirates (1 Sniper, 2 Soldiers, 2 Chargers) who man the outpost. You will notice there is a boat around in the area with 2 soldiers on it. Do not worry about it as they are not part of the team holding the Outpost. They are there as support and do not need to be killed.

From your position in the trees, take out a silenced weapon and aim for the Sniper. He poses a great threat if he is given enough time to do any damage. With the sniper does, sneak up to his overlook of the Outpost. Once there, find a covered position and look at the trees you just came from. Wait for the charger who is nearby to approach the grass and start relieving himself. Pick him off then it is time to turn your attention to the various remaining soldiers in the compound and deal with the alarm.

Start by heading to the left-hand side of the rooftop you are on. This will let you see the dock, the 2 soldiers patrolling it and the one soldier below you patrolling. The one directly below you cannot see you. Watch the 2 soldiers on the dock in the Southern part of camp. Start with the one farthest away. When the closer one, moving left to right, moves away from him, pick him off. Follow him up quickly with the second soldier on the dock. This will just leave the one soldier below you. Kill him however you feel like. With all of them dead you will take over the outpost.

From your position in the forest put your sights on the Sniper first. He is the only one that is recommended to be picked off. This clears the top view of the Outpost which will make taking it over a lot easier. From this elevated position you can easily fire upon any of the soldiers in the outpost who are trying to reach the alarm, which is located nearby the shack you are on.

With all the firing you are doing there is one additional concern. On the water there is a boat with a mounted gun that the pirates have patrolling the waters. Save some distance shots for them. This will make some parts of the take over a lot easier. Just use your position to your advantage and it will not be too long before you have this Outpost under Rakyat control.

Take over
When you take it over you will unlock one of each of the following side quests: Path of the predator, Island League Racing and Wanted: Dead. Be sure to head into the safe house and look to the left of the door. There you will find another memory card for your efforts and opposite that a loot chest. After that, hit the gun machine to sell off what you looted of the soldiers.