Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 25 – Sidequests: Orphan Point – Wanted: Dead, Bow Hunt: Black Panther

Wanted: Dead – Car Pirate
Head to the bulletin board found at Orphan Point. You will find that a pirate has been causing trouble need some old cars. Your job is to track him down and kill him with a knife. Hop onto a boat, head around to the South then over to the West toward your destination.

Once you are close you need to get up the mountain and approach its summit. Near the summit you will enter into the search area. You will find your targets to the North of the Marker. There are 4 soldiers around who will be patrolling the area and paying a fair amount of attention. Your target patrols the patio of the nearby hut. Mark them all so you know what you  are looking for.

As noted earlier they can be said to be paying attention so if they notice you just be ready to either fight or run. There are 5 Soldiers that will come after you given the chance plus your target. Remember the target must be killed with a knife for the side quest to be completed.

Start this off by going onto the slope above the shack that the pirates seem to be based around. This means cutting around to the South and heading up the nearby slope. There you will find a great view point from which you can easily shoot and retreat to block line of sight to you. Use this to your advantage to take out a number of the pirates when they are at the far points in their patrols. This will keep them from charging you and making life notably harder. After that initial cover is blown head over to the South and into the next set of bushes. With the guards on alert it is actually a little easier, in ways, to pick off the rest of them.

With your target alone it is time to approach. You can either wait for him to calm down or sneak up and just get the takedown immediately.

Path of the Predator – Bow Hunt: Black Panther
This side quest is found near where you need to hunt down the Pirates for Wanted: Dead so they chain together fairly well. Accept this quest and it is time for you to hunt and kill the Black Panther with a bow and arrow. This animal's skin is used to craft the extended Syringe Kit so there is a lot of incentive to complete this quest. Be sure you have a few Hunter's Instincts ready or the materials as they are a great help in locating the panther.

Head to the South of the hut you got the quest in. There you will find an artillery cannon with the Bow and arrows. Collect them and continue to the South into the search area. You will find a leopard in the same area that you can kill with anything else. This is the time to use the Hunter's Instinct. You will see 2 animals to the South. The one on the left is your target while the one on the right is aforementioned Leopard.

When you locate the Black Panther, mark it with the camera just to ensure you can keep track of it. Now start to move in. The bow increases in accuracy and distance the farther back you pull the string. You need to get one full power pull in on the black panther and after that just start pelting it with arrows. It moves in very quickly and can kill you in 2 hits. Be sure you are in an elevated position so it cannot reach you. After that just start shooting it and it will go down before too long. Skin it and enjoy your rewards.