Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 24 – Meet Citra

With the Radio Tower online head to the Southwest of it to get to the Temple Gateway. Approach it and you will find Dennis, as he promised, waiting there for you. A quick cutscene later and you both are headed inside the temple to meet Citra. Follow Dennis and do what he says. It is just better to assume you are complete surrounded. Just keep moving and enjoy the cutscene. Jason will drink a potion and enters into a dream state.

When you regain control after the potion has been drunk. After you meet a few of your friends, move forward and follow the man in front of you. He will occasionally vanish into a blat of blue light, so do not be alarmed. Visions do that sometimes. You cannot run so just enjoy the walk and the crazed dream state.

When the man heads into the hut you will want to follow him. After that head across the bridge and look at the scenes around you as you do. Once you make it to the other side of the bridge just head up the stairs and you will get the answer that Citra wanted Jason to have.

When Jason wakes up, Dennis will be doing something to the arm with the tatau. Jason will explain his dream and Dennis will direct him over to the nearby Pirate Shantytown. He explains that it is big and asks how Jason will find the ceremonial knife. The answer is simple, find the man in white. Now leave the temple. Just be sure that you grab the loot chest by the entrance as it is on the way and it is always good to have some extra valuables to sell.

Once outside the temple you will complete this mission and receive the next one. You will also, automatically, receive a fast travel point to Badtown so you can immediately travel there.