Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 23 – Keeping Busy, Meet Citra: Radio Tower

Keeping Busy
When play resumes at the start of this chapter you need to find the entrance to the cave below the house that Daisy said she is in. Jason and Liza appear by the front door of the mansion. Head forward to get moving toward the marker. Look to the left of the mansion's entrance and you will spot a small footpath leading down along the side of the mountain. Follow it to find the cave where you want to go. Head inside to move.

After the cutscene look to the left into the water that is nearby. You will see the marker sitting there. Head over to it and you will see a search area appear further out. Head over to it. If you have the 2 blue leaves and a green leaf then you can craft the deep dive syringe which makes this part a lot easier. You will find the motor housing toward the farther end of the search area, close to all the rocks. Dive down and you should have no trouble spotting the flashlight that is shining right on it.

Head back to the boat after that and talk with Daisy. She will direct you to hook up the piece of the engine you find. The good news is this is handled with a cutscene. Once it is over head to the fire that Liza is sitting by. Talk with her to learn more about what is going on. Just approach her to trigger the cutscene. When it ends, so does the mission.

Meet Citra: Radio Tower
Head on out of the cave toward the mansion. Dennis will call you and tell you that you need to speak with Citra, the leader of the Rakyat. He will instruct you to go meet him in the jungle at the gate of the temple that Citra uses as her base.

Radio Tower
As you are heading into a new section of the island, this means you need to enable the nearby radio tower. To the North of your destination you will find the Radio Tower you are looking for. Optionally you can take out the Cliffside Overlook to make your future around here a bit easier. You will also find some Dingos in the area. This can be useful for crafting at least 2 upgrades (though you will need a total of 8 skins from them).

You will want to head at the Tower from the Southeast. This will take you by the Outpost but if you do not stop at it you will be fine. As you approach this Radio Tower be careful. For the first time, this one appears to be guarded. There are only 2 Pirates at it but it is more than any other previous ones. Pick them off from the trees or just charge them.

Approach the tower from the mountain side and head over to the first set of stairs. At the top of them, turn around and head over to the right. Once there, you will notice some rope you can climb up. Grab it and haul yourself upwards. Loop around the supports and over to the nearby ladder. Take it up to the next level of the tower. When there head for the outer edge of the tower. You will notice there is some wrecked walkway with a noted raise in it. Head over to it and jump up onto it the next level from there. From there head straight across and then around the support out to the right. This leads to the next climb point you can use. When you are up that head into the center of the Radio Tower and take the next 2 ladders up. This will get you straight to the top of the Radio Tower. Grab the nearby loot chest then head on over to the controls to power up the tower.