Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 22 – Island Port Hotel

Time to start running, in a sense. Jason will grab a grenade launcher and pull it out to help with the escape. After the building collapses, look to the right and a few pirates will be charging at you. Take them out quickly with a shot from your gun. After that focus straight back. First you will have a car come at you from the right. Fire a round into the wind shield to take them out. Shortly after you have a second truck from the left. Just fire at it and hit it in the center to eliminate it.

Liza will be freaking out about the whole situation and Jason will do what he can to keep her calm-ish and driving. A little after that you have another truck come at you from the left. Liza will be talking about Jason shooting people and not taking it too well. You have 2 trucks come after you at this point, one from the left and one from the right. The one on the left will keep with you while the one from the right will speed off ahead if you do not take it out.

As you go off road you will have another truck appear. Aim and blast it to keep Liza and Jason safe. Blast that one quickly. Now Liza will call Jason over to the front of the truck. You have 3 pirates coming in from there. You can wait a moment and shoot the red container by the rock to quickly kill them or just gun them down individually.

When the truck starts moving again keep an eye on the sides of the road. You have a number of different pirates to deal with. Gun them down quickly to avoid taking more damage than you have to. Just make it through here and you will be home free. Jason will take her to the hiding place beneath the Mansion that Dr. Earnhardt has.