Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 21 – Prison Break-In: The Cave

Head in after you take care of the remaining guard outside. Move carefully as there is another who patrols just inside the entryway. If he spots you, there are 3 more that will come into this narrow area and engage you. If they do, take shelter behind the open cargo container against the right-hand wall. It will provide you with a lot of cover and make it easier to survive the whole ordeal. Otherwise they will just be playing cards in the next room. It is a lot easier to deal with them playing cards then coming at you.

After that head into the next room. Look on the table and the crates to the right to find some money you can grab. With the cash in hand head over to the left and up the stairs. Be careful. As you enter this room 3 men will try to kill you. Take cover behind the steel left behind and pick them off however you can. An additional 3 will join the fray. When they are dead, head down the stairs to the left and head forward. Be sure to look to the right as there is a final soldier who will come charging at you. After that, turn to the left and head for the door over there. Inside you will not find Liza but a video that Vaas shot to send to her parents. You will also find a caged tiger in here. It is hardly recommended to free it unless you need the tiger skin for something as it will try to savage you otherwise. Head to the left of the cage and through the opening there. Just move forward until you get ambushed. After that the scene fades to black. Enjoy the scene with Vaas.

When play resumes the whole place is on fire. Needless to say, if you can spare the Crimson Leaf it is easy simply craft a few Fireproof syringes to make this part a bit easier. You have 3 minutes to rescue Liza and more likely than not, get out of there too. Time to start forward and in a hurry. Head forward and up the stairs. At the top head over to the right then start forward again. Head through the first flames and move toward the second. Look to the left of the fire and you will see a water pipe. Shoot it to put out the nearby fire and clear the path forward.

Get through the flames and head into the room behind them. After that start for the ladder on the left-hand wall. Climb to the top, turn to the right and run over to the door. Melee attack it to break it down. Once through the door move over to the right and after you get out of the tight space, turn to the left and head along the board there. It will tumble but Jason will catch himself. After that turn to the left and aim toward the ceiling. There is another water pipe there so you can get through. Put out the fire and shimmy along the ledge to make it to the next part.

Head over to the left and hit the wall. Turn around and climb upwards using the vines which are dangling down from above you. At the top go to the left and head through the open doorway. After that just enjoy the cinematic that follows.

The pair will find a truck and use it to start their get away. Mash the prompted button to get the truck moving. From there Jason will hop into the back and it is now on you to keep the pair of them alive while they run.