Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 20 – Prison Break-In

Radio Tower
It is important to break the scrambled radio tower any time you are headed into a new area just to make your life a lot easier in the long run. Head for the radio tower just to the South of the location marked on your map. Start from Mosquito View and head South to grab a boat. From there head to the West and South, cutting wide around the nearby outpost on the next peninsula. From there you can easily spot the Radio tower you are headed for. Just make a bee line for it once you make it onto the land stretch that you will be finding Sunset Cove on.

When you land on the beach, Daisy will call and tell you a little about where the Doctor is keeping her hidden. As she talks, head up the hill toward the radio tower. From there, just start climbing it. When you make it to the top of the first part of stairs head to the right and around to the next set. After crossing the 2 balance beams, you need to head to the center of the tower. It is there you will find the next set of stairs that will help you continue upwards. After that, look upwards to find the climbable ledges. Once up those head to the ladder nearby to continue upwards and reach the top. Disable the scrambler and you are good to go.

Prison Break-In
Time to work at rescuing your friends. Head to the Northern Zipline and ride it down to the ground. Head just a little to the North and you will arrive at the edge of the prison camp. Pull out your camera and start tagging the various soldiers around so it is easier to deal with them when you go into the camp itself. There are plenty of soldiers more to the West but along the shore and to the East they do not have as dense coverage. There are approximately 10 soldiers for you to worry about.

Start with the guard who is stationed in the watch tower with the alarm. If you have a silence Sniper Rifle on hand you take him out easily from the hills then approach. Otherwise approach and go for a takedown inside the tower. Once that soldier is down head over to the alarm and disable it. Once inside the tower turn to the East and look for the next tower in that direction. Pick off the soldier there to save yourself from anything he might do in the future. After that, you are more than welcome to pick off the 2 soldiers beneath the tower to the East. After them, turn to the North and pick off the single soldier there. Follow that up with killing off the 2 soldiers on the opposite beach. This will remove them as the threat complete. All this can easily be done from the first tower which gives plenty of cover. Be sure to look to the left of the Operator's tower. It is on the Western end of the cove.

Once you find the Operator, to the West, it is not too hard to pick off the surrounding soldiers. He is in the one tower to the West of the beach and nearby it. Pick him off then loot his body to get the key. Move carefully toward the next marker as there is one more guard who seems to like to hide there. You can pick him off from the Operator's perch or just approach and kill him. He is not too hard to deal with alone. After that just head on inside the cave.