Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 19 – Sidequests: Valsa Docks – Tagging the Past

To start this mission head to the East from the Valsa Docks. Take the roads up to the top of the hill there. There you will find a man who is finding the dog tags of dead Japanese soldiers and then sending the bodies back to the families. This is a simple mission overall, potentially.

Start by going toward the Marker to the North. You will see an artillery cannon. Head over to it and look along the left-hand side of it. There you will find the first of the 3 bodies you want to collect the tags from. Grab the tags and then turn to the West.

The second one is found just to the East Valsa Docks. You cannot fast travel there as it will automatically end the mission and you will need to restart it. Just run there from the last one. It is only a short run or a short drive, but the car will not like the slope coming down to the artillery cannon.

The final body is found to the Southeast. You will find the ruins of an old bunker. Look around for a ladder leading down. Head to it and down it. On the second landing when you head up toward the artillery cannon you will find the final body. Just approach it and grab the dog tags.

With all that done head on back to the starting point with the islander, Tang, who is standing at the top of the hill. He will be grateful for your help and reward you. Apparently that is enough to keep them busy for a year.