Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 18– Sidequests: Valsa Docks – Wanted: Dead, Path of the Predator

Path of the Predator – Sniper Rifle Hunt: Deer
You are to be provided a Sniper Rifle to go hunt deer to help feed hungry Rakyat families. Once this side quest is accepted you will be directed to the East. Just start along the road nearby the Docks and up the hill. Stay on the road and it will be easy to reach your destination. Collect the Sniper Rifle and fill up on ammo.

This is tricky by virtue of there are 5 deer that you need to hunt and kill. With the Sniper Rifle it means that you can get them with only a shot or two. However it also means that the small herd will scatter quickly after the first one goes down. To make your life easier, pull out the camera first to mark them all. Even with Hunter's Instinct to help you out, it is better to take some time to just have something fixed on them. Take your time and hunt them down individually. It will take a little while but you will get your reward before too long.

Reward: $200

Wanted: Dead – Temple Pirates
There is a small group of pirates that are preying on the villagers nearby a temple. Jason is asked to hunt them down and kill the leader in the Rakyat tradition. Head to the North, just past the Temple Of Stone. It is there you will find the group of pirates you are looking for.

This temple sits on top of a hill. Come at it from either the East or the West to avoid detection and make your life a little easier while you scope it out. There are a total of 5 Soldiers in the area, including your target. You can either lure them individually out to your hiding location with rocks and kill them with take down or snipe one then pick off the rest. The gun-ho approach is not bad for this case. Just be sure that you lure them out or just pick them off carefully. A little time and the prize will be yours.

Wanted: Dead – Fisher Pirates
There is a group of pirates that have been attacking fisherman by the shore. Jason is asked to hunt them down and kill their leader with a knife as Rakyat tradition demands. Stock up on supplies and head to the South.

To the West of the peninsula that has the Cassowary you will find your targets. Be sure that you stop at least 100 meters out with the car to avoid being spotted and fired upon. There are 5 pirates at this location. Most of their watch is focused to the North. This means, if you head over there from the peninsula with the Cassowary you can slip up behind them without them even noticing. Head around to the Eastern side of the pirate's base and climb up the rocks there. This gives you a great view with plenty of cover. From up there you can easily pick of the pirates with a sniper rifle or just mark them and go to town picking them off with take down. It will only take some time to get them all. Just remember to kill the Leader with your knife and you are good.