Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 17 – Outpost Guide Part 3

Mosquito Yard
This is found to the South of Amanaki Town. It is on the Western side of the part of the island directly South of Amanaki Town. You will want to approach this Outpost from the East so you can see most of the guards and their tiger which is caged. There are 5 Soldiers, one of which is a Sniper

Stealth: Using the Tiger
After scoping the place, approach from the Southeastern side, near where the animal is caged. You can fire on the door of the cage to let the tiger out so it can do the work for you. It will take a number of pistol bullets but just one sniper round. After that, just let the tiger do the rest of the work for you. It will be a big surprise and it will ensure that you get the full bonus for taking down the Outpost undetected. Just enjoy the show after that.

Head around to the Western side of the compound and take out the sniper first. After that, make a quick dash over to the alarm and attempt to disable it. After that just focus onto the rest of the soldiers who should not be much of a problem.

Take Over:
This will unlocked a new Wanted: Dead and Path of the Predator Quest. If you used the tiger to clear the Outpost head for the last place you saw it to find it and skin it. Be sure, as always to head into the Safe House to find a bit of ammo and a loot chest.

Valsa Docks
This is found to the Northeast from Earnhardt's Mansion. You can get there from the Mansion easily by using the nearby hang glider. Be sure to come in and land near the artillery gun that sits nearby the outpost. This is a great place to not only free the Carroway that is caged inside the outpost but see most of the guards without any trouble.

Head to the Zipline and then line up a sniper shot or some zoomed weapon to quickly free the carroway. It might not do a lot, but it will cause more than enough of a distraction for you to slip in using the zipline. When you land, get down on the ground and head over to the Northern end of the building. Wait for the nearby soldier to come over then take him down. If you can, pull the body behind the house to avoid detection. If you cannot, just wait for a minute. This will get the attention of a few soldiers nearby. Wait for one to investigate the body while the others search beyond the fence. Kill him and once again try to hide the body. If you cannot, do not worry too much about it.

With those guards dealt with, it is time to deal with the dog and the nearby guard that likes to explore outside the gate. For the dog, throw a rock toward the center of camp from the Southern end of the house you have been hiding behind. This will lure the dog closer and maybe a guard. Let the guard drift back and watch the dog. When the guard has left, throw a few rocks closer to your position to lure the dog into a position where you can either kill it with your knife quickly or a silenced pistol. The wandering guard is simple to deal with after. Head through the hole to the right of the house and out into the grass beyond. Just wait for the guard in there and take him down in it. From just slowly work your way through the camp. Lure them one by one behind the house and kill them.

Shoot out the lock on the Cassowary's cage to draw all the soldiers out into the woods nearby after they deal with the Cassowary. From there just gun them down and deal with the dog that comes charging at you. It only takes a little time and it will ensure they do not activate the alarm inside the camp.

Take Over:
As always, head into the safe house. You will find a new Vending machine you can access to restock ammo and other supplies. You will also find a loot chest inside. Taking over this outpost will add another Island league Race, Path of the Predator and 2 Wanted: Dead Side Quests.