Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 16 – Outpost Guide Part 2

Northview Gas
Found in the central part of the island, this is a good outpost to take down and take over. There are times that a tiger will attack this outpost and make your life a bit easier by killing at least one of the guards inside the Outpost. There are a total of 5 pirates in this Outpost: 4 Soldiers and 1 Charger.

Approach from the South. You will be able to see most of the guards without any trouble and you will also be able to use a hole in the fencing for a point of entry. Start at that hole but stay hidden inside the bushes. Mark the nearby pirate. When he is close, throw a rock to get his attention. This will lure him outside the compound and make him easy to take down without any trouble at all.

Now head through the hole and approach the stairs that are nearby the Southern entrance of the outpost. Throw a rock against the building to lure the Charger down. Once you do, hide underneath the stairs. As the charger descends, quickly sneak up behind him and kill him. Now head to the East. There will be a soldier working on his gun. Approach from behind and take him down as well.

Head over to the West. There are 2 Soldiers left and they have a mounted machine gun. You do not want them firing on you with that. First, head to the base of the pole with the alarm horns. Disable the alarms for good measure then it is time to deal with the final 2 soldiers. You can either slip up behind them and take them down individually or use carefully lobbed explosives to take them out. The choice is yours. Just be sure that you get both of them.

Head in to the Outpost. There are 2 that you immediately need to worry about: the gunners. While they are just soldiers they do have a mounted machine gun. By the same token, if you can take them out quickly enough you can use that very machine gun on the remaining forces. Be sure to at least sneak in and disable the alarm. This is not too hard as there are only 2 guards that patrol. Kill them all off and you will have no problem avoiding reinforcements.

Take Over:
This will unlock a number of missions, like “Love Eternal”, The Island Racing League, a new Path of the Predator and Wanted: Dead. Be sure to also head into the headquarters so you can collect the memory stick to get the formula found on it and to clear inventory of the valuable items you have collected.