Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 15 – Sidequests: Northview Gas, Part 2

Path of the Predator – Hunting the Golden Tiger
Head to the bulletin board in Mosquito View to find this quest once you have liberated. You will be asked to hunt down a Golden Tiger for a taxidermist with a bow.

Head to the Northeast and collect the bow as well as the arrows that are provided. With that in tow head deeper into the forest that is to the East. Be sure to use some Hunter's Instincts to make it easier to simply track and find the Golden Tiger itself.

Just head to the East. More often than not the first tiger you encounter will be your target. Approach it to get it to turn toward you. Aim quickly for its head and fire an arrow. If this one does not kill it, then start firing as quickly as you can. This tiger can kill you without much trouble and you want to get the kill using the bow and normal arrows. A few arrows, in the worst case scenario will take care of the problem without much difficulty.

Reward: $250, Golden Tiger Leather

Wanted: Dead – Crazed Pirate Shack
Collect this quest from the Mosquito View Bulletin Board. It will say that there are some crazed pirates that have taken over some shacks that need to be dealt with. Collect this quest and set off to the Northeast. You will find the camp just across the eastern bridge heading toward Amanaki Town.

Approach from the West so you can creep up on the shacks from the jungle to cover your approach easily. Sweep along the shack in the trees and foliage and you will have no problem spotting and marking the 4 Charges and the leader, your target.

Reward: $225