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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 13 – Sidequests: Northview Gas
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 01/3/2013
A series of articles covering Far Cry 3. This covers the side quest Jason unlocks from Northview Gas, the Wanted: Dead with the Sniper on the Beach, Love Eternal and the Supply Drop to the North.

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 13 – Sidequests: Northview Gas

Wanted: Dead – Sniper Beach
With Northview Gas taken over you will gain access to this Wanted: Dead quest. Claim it from the bulletin board just outside the Outpost. Once you have it then you need to make for the beach that the Sniper has taken over. You will find it to the West. Hop into a car and drive along the road. You will want to get out of the car when you can make the left that will take you down to the beach.

When you make it to the beach you will want to take to the water. From there you can easily get around most of the defenses that the local Pirates have set up. Work your way forward carefully. Keep the bushes as there still is one soldier that will be moving around the rest of the area. Getting close to the shack is when you will want to do more. Move over to the left so you are in the bushes near the rocks by the shack. Throw a rock against the rocks to lure the soldier over. Take him out quietly. Now move up behind the shack and throw a rock into the nearby area. There is another sniper on the roof that you want to lure down and kill off quietly. With that one out of the way you stand a chance at either a Death from Above takedown or coming in from the side for a regular takedown.

Reward: $225

Love Eternal
Head to the Southern edge of the path of the island you are on and you will find the starting point for this quest. There is a woman in a hut by the ocean that you want to talk to to begin this quest. Rohana will explain that her daughter has died and her husbands want to dig up the grave to get her ring back. You need to head to it and “talk” with Senin.

Head to the East, up the slope, from this small village. There you will find the husband. Talk with him and he will refuse. Once he does, shoot the ground at his feet. This will foil him enough. Now you need to escape if there were any Warriors around. They will chase after you with a vengeance given the chance. Head to the edge of the mission zone need be. After that just return to Rohana in her hut and she will reward you for your efforts.

Reward: $500

Supply Drop: North of Northview Gas
Head to the nearby Supply Drop found close to the Radio tower in the center of the island with Northview Gas. Hop onto the Quad Bike to start this side quest. You have a 65 seconds to complete this run.

Start by going straight forward down the hill. Continue forward and make the jump. When you land follow the road to the left. Now keep to the left-hand side of the road as you head through the next 2 flares. Following that, take the right-hand fork in the road. Be careful as you need to cross a bridge and it is more than possible is smash your way through the railing and fall into the water below. Keep straight on the bridge.

Once across the bridge hang a bit more to the left. Next you have a sharp right-hand turn coming up. Just charge straight forward over this lip and drop to the area below. From there it is only a short drive to the destination.

Reward: $225, 250 XP