Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 12 – Playing The Spoiler

The pirates notice that Jason has triggered an alarm at the Medusa. This means you will need to fight it out around here. Keep out of sight as long as possible. You can use the Zipline to move from the Medusa over to the ship adjacent. You will find it a bit more defensible and you will have an elevated position over many of the pirates. Head to the Western side and start taking down the pirates who attack you. There are around 7 of them so fight smart. Kill them all to move onto the next mission.

Dennis will call you and let you know that Vaas is determined now to wipe out the Resistance on the Island. This means it is time to head back to Amanaki Town via Fast Travel.

When you arrive, be sure to take a moment to use some of the money you have gathered and sell off the valuables you have looted as well. After that, head out of the Safe House and go straight ahead. It is easy to find Dennis only a short ways ahead to the left. A brief cutscene later and everything is explained. Time to head for the logging camp to the Southeast of Amanaki Town. Grab whatever vehicle is nearby and start off along the road. Keep to it until you see the first major rise in this part of the island. Head toward that. There is just one hut that has some pirates in it. Either engage or avoid them. It is your choice. Just head on up the hill to the top to find the tower.

When you make it to the top, approach the tower and start by climbing onto the first ledge. Just spiral up. Keep this up though you want to pause just after you make it to the second climbing ledge. Crouch and head over to the right to find a loot chest. Just head on upwards after that. The rest of the tower is climbing ledges. When you reach the ladder you have made it all the way to the top.

Once the tower is online, Zipline down and head to the North of the Tower. There you will find a hang glider you can use to quickly reach the weapons stash. Approach it from the North and you will easily reach the first waypoint marker for the vantage point.

Take some time to go over the whole of the camp. There are 7 pirates and at least 1 dog inside this logging camp. Head to the Southwest to the bushes just be the opening in the fence and do it quietly. You can either throw a rock to lure the nearby pirate over or take him down then drag his body. It is recommended to use the rock to cut down the chance of being spotted. With him down head into the logging camp itself.

This part is comparably easier. Just sneak along until you can make it through to the base of the pole with the alarm. If you keep to the bushes, there will be no problems. Get close so you can interact with it then disable it. Now head to the South a little more. There is a pirate working on his gun. Slip behind him and shot him in the head with the silenced weapon. If that is unavailable then head around the fence to the left and go for a takedown. Do it quickly and quietly to ensure that he does not raise any sort of alarm.

Go into the marked building to the North of the last pirate you dealt with. This is the weapons cache. Take a little time inside to refill on any ammo you need. You will find everything in here. After that head for the table in the middle of it and plant the bomb. Now open the door and just run away from the  cache. Do not look back just run. You will make it out find. After that, Dennis will call and you will learn the location of at least another of your friends.