Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 11 – The Medusa's Call

It is time to head for the Medusa and see what can be learned from the transmissions there. This is a good ways even from Amanaki Town. The outpost makes life somewhat easier so Fast Travel there to save yourself some effort. Approach from the West to save yourself some effort. When you get close Jason will note the population of pirates. You need to find a lookout to place yourself in a way that you can easily spot most to all of the pirates in the area below. Do note it is a lot easier to do this approaching the marker from the East or the West. Coming up from the South will likely have you hang gliding in. This still works, but it is harder to find a good position and avoid falling to your death. No matter how things go, there are 7 pirates total that can be marked. 2 patrol the Northern-most end of the beach, one of them is an operator. Between the 2 beached ships you will find another pair of pirates. They like to hang out by the small pool at the base of the waterfall. One is patrolling while the other is doing something with a radio. The one who patrols is the second operator. Look along the Western side of the Medusa when you can get closer. You will see 2 pirates talking by a hole in the hull. One of them is an operator. The final pirate is found to the West of the Medusa.

When you have all of them marked, Jason will comment it is time to deal with the pirates. It is easiest to start from the West as the pirate by the ocean is facing away and not really paying attention. Kill him first. Now head inward to the East. Approach the Medusa itself through the open cargo containers you see partially buried on the beach. When you get into the second one you will want to stop by the Western entrance. Wait for the patrolling operator to head over toward the pool. Throw a rock to the Southwest toward the larger rocks to lure him out of sight of his compatriots. When he pauses, or is about to, take him down and loot the body to get the first of 3 transmission keys.

Head through the cargo container and pause at its exit. The second pirate on this side of the Medusa is wielding and engrossed in his task. This makes your job of taking him out easily. Now head into the hull of the Medusa. Head to the Northern end and over to the Eastern side. Wait for the patrolling operator to start fiddling with something on the ground. The other pirate who patrols this area will not be along for a minute yet. Use this time to kill and loot the body of the second operator. Head into the hull of the Eastern ship now and keep on the ground level. If you need ammo or supplies then you should head upwards.

Head to the Southern end of the ship and you will find another massive hole in the hull. Slip from there over to the pile of cement bags that are nearby. Wait for the pirate to approach and pull out his package of cigarettes or whatever. Take him down. Now, you can kill the last pirate in the area if you want but you do not have to. He is found wielding by the pool at the base of the waterfall.

With the 3 keys collected, head over to the Medusa. There is a gangway on the Eastern side of it, near where you killed the last radio operator to get up to. Head up onto the Medusa then go to the Northern end of it. Once there go to the right then turn to the South. You will find the stairs that will lead easily over to the Radio room that you are looking for as the radio room is to the right at the top of the stairs.

Once inside, just head around the first console to the right. There you will find the transmitter you are looking for. You will also pick up some Body Armor. Interact with the transmitter to finish this part of the story.