Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 9 – Outpost Guide Part 1

Welshore Wrecker's House
Found along the Northern shore from Amanaki Town. It is best to approach this Outpost from the South, climbing up the rocks along that edge will let you get a great view of the camp and let you easily mark most of the pirates found within. You will be dealing with Soldiers, Snipers and Chargers.

Once you have all the soldiers marked it is time to start working on taking them all out. Start by going to the Western entrance of the outpost and slipping behind the shed there. You can get behind it easily with the hole in the fence that is just behind it. Head over to the right-hand side of the building and wait for the charger who patrols around the camp to come by. When he does, throw a rock to the right, against the bales to the right. Perform a take down on him. If possible, drag the body back behind the shack after you do. He is the biggest danger as he roamed. When he is down the rest of the outpost gets a lot easier to complete.

Now head out from behind the shed in a crouch. The remaining guards are not paying a lot of attention to the center of it. Head for the center and perform a take down on the sniper. Loot the rifle off him to get yourself something very nice. Pull out your camera and look to the shore to the North. Now drop down and head over to the nearby electrical pole to the red fuse box there. Approach and interact with it to disable all the alarms in the area. This will prevent any reinforcements from appearing on the off chance you get spotted.

After that, head over to the Eastern entrance and perform a take down on the guard there. Wait for him to pause at either end of his patrol and come up behind him. With him down, head to the North inside the Outpost. Once you can pass underneath the overlook where the Sniper was, do so. On the Western side you will find another guard. Wait for him to start relieving himself. Once he is, perform a stealth take down on him. After that, head to the beach to the North to deal with the final guard. Kill him and the outpost will be reclaimed.

Approach from either the East or the West. Be wary of the Sniper on the rooftop in the center of the camp. He is the one person you need to kill quickly. Take him out then worry about the 5 other pirates in the compound. Just fight your way through until you get the notice that all the pirates are dead and you have taken over the Outpost. You need to do this quickly as if the reinforcements arrive you must get overwhelmed fairly easily.

Once you have claimed this outpost, a new Path of the Predator will open. Head into the Safe House to find another Memory Stick that you can add to your collection.