Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 7 – Mushrooms In The Deep: The Cave

The Doctor will tell you that he needs some Cave Mushrooms found to the West of his Mansion. Head over to the West and look for some vines or the path along the Southern/Western side of the mountain side. Take that path to the North or you can just head North and down the cliff to the bay below. You will find the entrance to the cave in the bay's waters. You need to swim out and then dive down into the water and swim for the entrance of the cave that is only a little in front of you. Start by diving into the water, having aligned with the cave entrance. After that, start swimming faster.

This swim is straight forward thankfully. All you need to do is swim straight ahead. You will likely just make it through going full speed. Once inside properly get out of the water and start heading forward. Climb up the first ledge and head forward. Just jump off the ledge into the pool below. Turn around in the water and surface. Now climb up the vines that are dangling down in front of you to get back up to the ledge above.

Head forward once back on the level you were before. Climb up the next ledge and continue onwards around the bend. From there you will see some vines that will take you upwards. Head on up. At the top of the vines something happens to Jay which seems to do something to him. After he is done with the sensation head forward and to the right. Just take the next vines up and then just keep moving forward while Jay seems to enter a vision. Just go forward until you see the facade of a mansion. Just move toward it until you can go through it. Once inside, head all the way back then over to the left and through the door there. You will see the mushrooms you are after but will fall, ending the vision.

After Jay gets up, head forward toward the marker. Collect the mushroom then turn around and start out of the cave. Be sure to head a little to the right to collect the loot container that is there. Head forward and drop down by the artillery gun. Head to the left and along the ledge. From there, get to the edge then do a running jump toward the climbable edge that sits there. Take that path back around the mountain to the Greenhouse climbing one last vine.

Just head forward from there to the Greenhouse to find Earnhardt. Talk with him and he will take the cave mushrooms from you to prepare the medicine. He will tell Jay to head into the house to talk with Daisy. Head on inside and upstairs to find her. She will be a bit out of it from the fever but she takes the news of Grant's death with a note of vengeance. There is a cutscene where Jason and Daisy bargain with Earnhardt to let the rest of their friends come to the house and hide there.

As you leave the house after the cutscene Dennis will call and tell you what you need to know to start the next mission. You need to get aboard the Medusa and listen in on the transmissions to find the rest of your friends.