Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 6 – Mushrooms In The Deep: Getting to the Radio Radio Tower and the Mansion

The Radio Tower
Head to the West of Amanaki Town and into the near, unexplored area. First stop should be the radio tower to reveal the surrounding area and unlock another gun for you. Just grab whatever vehicle is nearby and start over there. Be careful as there are more pirates in this area so be aware of them as you try to head to the Radio Tower. Any time you are in a car and the pirates are not, just speed away to avoid a fight. Those fights can be very tough and possibly kill you.

When you make it to the Tower, head to the Northern face of the rocks and look for the vines hanging down. Use these to climb up toward the base of the tower. From there it is a simple matter of just following the path up to the top of the tower. Once there, use the Zipline to get back down. By the base of the Zipline you will find a supply drop sidequst waiting for you.

Supply Drop
Get onto the ATV by the base of the of the zipline. Get onto the quad bike. You have 40 seconds to get from the starting point through the course to the destination at the end of the flare trail. Start by going straight on the road. After the second flare, break to the beach to the right and head for the third flare. From there just keep gunning it onto the fourth. Make a sharp right from there and get over to the Red Flare to complete your first supply drop.

Just head a little more to the West and look for the road leading up the mountain. Take that on the ATV over to the fence. Get off the ATV and continue on foot up the path to the marker for the Doctor's House. Head into the green house to the right of the house. There you will meet the doctor. After a curious introduction he will tell you your friend Daisy is inside the house. Head into the house now.

Once inside head through the first doorway on the left then up the stairs that are a bit to the right. Take them up to the top then you will find Daisy. After that cutscene it is time to head out of the house and toward the next objective.