Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 5 – Sidequests:  Amanaki Outpost

Path the Predator: Rapid Dogs
From the Amanaki Outpost you can find this mission sitting on the Bulletin Board near the entrance of the town. You are to track down a number of rabid dogs and kill them with the provided shotgun. This means you need to head over to the marked area of the map, collect the shotgun and deal with the dogs.

Head to the West from the Outpost using one of the various vehicles found around there. The first is just across the bridge from the Outpost. When you get there you will find a crate of ammo and a shotgun. Swap your present weapon for the shotgun then climb the nearby vines. Start moving over to the West and enter the search zone to start looking for the 5 rabid dogs that need to be dealt with.

Once you get into the search zone, head for the second objective marker. As you close in on it you will find yourself set upon by 5 rabid dogs. They will attack Jay without any provocation at all.

WANTED: dead – Hotsprings Poacher
Head to the North of the Amanaki Outpost. It is only a short run so there is no need to bother with a car. As you approach the bamboo refuge where the poachers are, you will be prompted to pull out your camera. Do so to and zoom in on the pirates below. Pass the center over each to mark them. This will make it so you can track them more easily. Move into the first close bit of cover. Now look over to the right. There is a second bush there you can use as some cover or you can attempt to draw the guard close to the bush you are in. Throw a rock onto the ground nearby to lure one of the pirates over. While they are investigating, take them down, loot, then get back into cover.

Now look forward and to the right. There is a pirate sitting nearby a bush and plenty of cover between him and you. Throw a rock into the bush and move into it. Wait for the pirate to move in then take him down. 2 left now but only one of them has to die by the knife. Watch the pirate with the yellow marker over his head. When he heads over to the pig being butchered to look at his compatriots work, move to the bush that is ahead and to the left, closer to where the pirates are. Wait in this bush for the pirate to come back and you can easily perform a take down on him. That or throw a rock and just wait for him to come investigate the bush you are in. Either way you can easily kill him and collect the reward for it.