Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 4 – Secure The Outpost

There are a number of ways to approach this mission. Just for approaching you will unlock 4 more crafting recipes that you can use. Now head along the road for a minute but then crouch and break off into the foliage to the left of the road. Head toward the red flag and into the first shack that you can find. Here you can collect more ammo and find a loot chest with more money and a red poker chip. Grab it all and head over to the left, outside again. Time to start working on the 5 guards that are in the area.

Creep around the next building. Now you are in a good position to quickly take down the nearby guard. Loot his body to get a better gun, an AK47. Quickly duck back behind the nearby building and over to the left. This will stop any guards that may have glimpsed you from following and keep them interested in the body you just left behind. Move into the bushes and wait. More often than not one of the guards will come back to where you are. Wait for him to come around the corner then perform another take down on him. Loot his body for a pill and some money. Now head along the building to the East, to the end of them.

Just wait for a minute and the nearby warriors will come and join the fight. Time for you to break cover and start firing on the pirates. With the help of the warriors it will be no problem to kill of the rest of the pirates and the dog that is in the area. Be sure to skin the dog then finish off any remaining pirates.

When you get the completion for the mission, head over to the West again. Look for the blue building with the red flags. When Jay breaks in, it will be made clear that Liza managed to escape. After the cutscene head back into the main outpost building. On the desk in front of you there is a laptop. Approach it to find the first of the Memory sticks. Grab it. Take a little time to head to the left and use the gun shop there to restock on any needed ammo and sell off the loot you have collected.

With the completion of this quest you have unlocked a new Safe House, Gun Shop, Fast Travel Station and the Trials of the Rakyat. It is also explained to you, for future reference, how the EXP gain works when you are taking over an outpost. You will also receive tutorials on the collectible items found throughout the island and the leaderboards for the various trials. Take a little time to level up your skills and then it is time to start the next mission.