Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 3 – Harvest The Jungle

Time to set out toward the hunting grounds. Head over to the East from Dennis. You will find a car, the Darrah. Hop in to make the trip a lot faster. Just drive along the road until you are within 100 meters or so of your destination then hop out and start the trek in.

When you get there, it is time to get to work harvesting. You need to hunt, kill and skin 2 boars as well as collect 4 different kinds of plants and bring them back to Dennis. Start with whatever is closest. You need to collect 2 Green Leaf plants, 1 Blue Leaf and 1 Red Leaf Plant. Look to your mini map to help locate some of these items easily. There are a lot of loot chest in this area a well so use your minimap to locate them and collect more ammo and money. You can do that easily while just finding the 3 plants (or more) that you are looking for). The Green and Red are easy but the Blue Leaf you will find farther to the West in the river. Blue at least denotes that it is an aquatic plant.

With the plants out of the way it is time to hunt down the boars. Head to the Western part of the area and you will have little trouble finding a boar. Sneak up on it and shoot it in the head. After that, hold the interaction button to skin it and collect some boar hide. Head to the ranch in the hunting zone and you will have little trouble finding 2 boars. There may be some chasing involved, but nothing too bad thankfully. When you have the boar hide and the 4 plants you will be prompted to Fast Travel back to Amanaki Town. Follow the instructions on screen to find out how to access the fast travel option.

Take a moment to interact with the stash in the Safe House so you can sell off some of the junk that you collected that is simply worth money. Once done with that, head outside and to the right, over the hill to find Dennis. Approach the marker to trigger the next part of this quest.

With all that, you will open up the crafting option inside your menu. Choose it to start into the process. First, craft 2 medical syringe. After that, move over to the next menu to craft a new loot rucksack. This will greatly increase your capacity from 17 to 34 items.

With the crafting done, it is time to learn some about leveling up. Move over to the second menu, The Shark, and choose the highlighted skill of the Take Down. After that, move over to “The Spider” menu. Choose the “Sprint Slide” skill to learn it. These are both handy skills to have.

With those skills learned it is time to get back into action. As Dennis starts to explain things the phone you stole will ring and some of the pirates will tell you they are driving to an outpost near the Amanaki Village with one of the Americans. Time to get over there, with Dennis driving and working at breaking her out of there.