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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 2 – Down In Amanaki Town
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 12/31/2012
A series of articles covering Far Cry 3. This covers the mission, "Down In Amanaki Town", where Jason must go through some orientation under the direction of Dennis.

Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 2 – Down In Amanaki Town

Enjoy the cutscene that starts this part off. It is a nice little break after the intensity of the last part. Follow the Doctor, Dennis, out into Amanaki Town. He will explain something of what is happening on the island and give you some money to get a gun. Head over to the left and into the Gun Store. Talk with the woman behind the counter to start the transaction. Buy the first gun, the 1911, and exit the store. The woman will explain that if you get the radio towers online she can get better gear for your use.

Exit the store and head on back out into the village. Follow Dennis as he explains just what the towers are doing. Vaas is using the towers to track his men and keep the villages from communicating. Listen a he explains things and just keep following him outside the village and into the jungle beyond toward the Radio Tower. Keep up with him until he stops.

Head forward and over to the left. You will see a small shack there. Outside you will find some .45 bullets. Head inside and loot the container for more bullets (SMG) and $28. Head back outside and start up the hill to the left, to the North of the shack you were just in. Head through under the light and to the right of the trespasser sign. Head up the slope and take the first right. Follow the path up the slope.

As you approach the Radio Tower keep to the path. There is very little damage here for now. Head through the open gate and into the yard below the radio tower. Before you start climbing up it, head over to the right and into the nearby shack. You will find a chest you can loot for some more goods: White Poker Chip, SMG Ammo and $33. Now make for the stairs that are at the base Tower. Approach the stairs carefully. As you get to the very edge of the tower you will encounter a snake. You have undoubtedly heard it hissing for a while. Shoot it at a distance to avoid getting bit. Now just climb on up the tower. This part is easy as it is a linear path. As you get to the top, look to the left to find another loot container. It has more SMG Ammo, another White Poker chip and $30. Take the nearby ladder up and head around to the opposite side to find the scrambler. Approach and interact with it to disable it.

Grab the chest at the bottom of the ladder if you did not already then head over to the right of the scrambler. There you will find a zipline. Interact with it to quickly get back to the ground. Once there, Dennis will give you a tutorial on the map. Follow the prompt and select the boar hunting grounds. After the waypoint is set, exit the map and it is time to start tracking down some boars.