Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 1 – Make A Break For It

After a major party you come back down to the ground and are held captive. Time for a quick tutorial in sneaking around. Follow the onscreen prompt and stay close to your brother Grant. Take the path past the distracted guards and down the slope toward the small tunnel that Grant is headed toward. Here you will be given the option of a quick tutorial on the detection meter.

This starts a a small arrow. As it grows, the enemy is closer to spotting you completely. Following the meter will flash when you have been spotted. At that point you can either fight or run, the choice is yours.

Follow Grant through the underside of the house with the dogs and past the guard butchering the pig. Go to the left and into the next house. Once inside keep on his tail and move forward around the bend. Head over to the table that Grant is standing in front of. When prompted by him, grab everything there and then start after him again.

Once outside again, follow him until he stops. Now look over to the right and you will see an icon. Follow the onscreen prompt to grab and throw a rock with a simple button press. This will lure the guard away from your path. Head over to the wall where Grant approaches. Jay will climb inside, alert a guard who is there but Grant will deal with him in no time at all. Jay freaks but gets it under control with his brother's help. Head on forward after that.

Head through the next house and over to the right. When prompted, climb up through the window into the room beyond. Go out the door to your immediate right. There you will see some plants, head into them to get some cover from the nearby guards. Wait for a while and Grant will tell you to throw another rock. Throw it to the right of the guards then follow Grant through the opening the fence in front of you. Start moving the moment he gestures for it as the guards can sometimes turn around in time to spot you. If you are detected here, the mission fails and resets to just after grabbing the stuff from the table.

Keep going forward. On the other side of the house, Grant will wait for you. Now keep up with him as he heads underneath the small bridge in front of the house. Just head through until you you reach the lantern. That is when things go completely sideways.

After the cutscene start running as soon as you get the prompt for it. Keep it up and ignore any damage you take for now. Just keep running forward until you need to jump over a log. Just let things run on from there for a minute.

When play resumes, start running again. You need to just head forward until you come to the stone outcropping. Move slightly to the left as you approach it and jump. You will take damage from the fall. Take a moment after you land to heal up. Once healed head to the right and start running again. Balance across the log and head up the vines by climbing them. Start running forward from there. You have a quick trip before you need to crouch through a small tunnel. On the other side you have one of the pirates leap down on you. Mash the prompted button and Jay will wind up stabbing the man through the jugular. Start running after that. Keep going when you get to the bridge. Even when it breaks, you need to keep moving for a minute after. When you splash down, this mission is over.