Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 123 – Hyperion Circle of Slaughter: Round 5

This is the final and the longest Round of the Circles of Slaughter. You must survive through 7 waves of Hyperion Forces without dying. Refill all your ammo, go over your weaponry. You want something very close to what you had last time, just a little more powerful if possible.s

Optional Objective: Kill 30 Hyperion with Critical Hits

Wave 1
This warm up wave consist of a wide variety of Loaders: ION, RPG, HOT, GUN and BUL. On top of that you also have a few Repair Surveyors flying around and causing you some trouble as well. Take them out as soon as you can to avoid them giving shields to something you really do not want shielded. Just move and look for cover when you need to restore your shields. This is the warm up round.

Wave 2
For once the forces in this wave will try to pincher you. From the North you have a number of Hyperion Snipers closing in. From the South you will have RPG Loaders coming in. Keep ready to blast either but it is better to go for the softer Snipers then focus in on the RPG Loaders, save when they are presenting an immediate threat to you.

Wave 3
This starts with a number of PWR Loaders appearing from the South. This is just the start. After that you have 2 Super Badass Loaders drop in. This is hardly a fair fight and it is one that is very difficult to get through as well. Find some good cover and stay there to regenerate your shields and do what you can for your health and action skill. Kill off one of them and a third will appear to take it place. They are making sure that you are working to get through this wave.

Wave 4
This one seems to start easy with a few Combat Engineers and standard Engineers. That is until the Constructor drops in, shattering that image. It is oddly positioned closer to the center of the map. Use this to your advantage to get some cover from it and deal with the smaller focuses and some of the units it may produce. Still, take out the constructor as soon as possible as it does have a number of powerful attacks and it is better to be rid of it.

Wave 5
This does not make anything easier. Not only do you have a number of Surveyors to deal with but there are more Loaders as well. This time it seems to be more JET than anything else. Just deal with them carefully.

Wave 6
Take advantage of your need to trigger this one to stock up on ammo that has fallen around the arena. Collect what you can then head to the Northwestern platform. Here you will encounter some Combat Engineers offloading from a drop ship. Kill them off then head for the Northeastern portion of the arena. You have more Combat Engineers and Soldiers appearing there. Kill them off and then the Loaders start coming in: EXP, HOT, JET, GUN and ION.

Wave 7
Time for the hardest of the waves, the final one. Immediately a Badass constructor will drop into the arena in the center ring with a number of Badass Repair Surveyors. If you want to get into shelter, head for the elevator shaft. Thanks to the Constructor's positioning, it cannot hit you from its location if you are opposite it and have some of the supports blocking its line of sight to you. On top of the Badass Constructor you have a number of Auto Turrets that will deploy along the top of the arena. Keep in cover and duck out to eliminate them first. If they are gone then your life gets a lot easier. Be sure to be careful of the Constructor that will deploy along with the Badass, or shortly after.

Now that the threats are known, it is time to start dealing with them. First, take out the Repair Surveyors. If there is one thing you do not want, it is a fully shielded Badass Constructor. This will also stop them from shielding any of the Loaders that the Constructor will generate. Once the Surveyors are down, then deal with the smaller Constructor. One is bad enough and this second one can mean the difference between life and death.

Rewards: 4924 XP, Blue Sniper Rifle (Unique: Chere-amie)