Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 122 – Hyperion Circle of Slaughter: Round 4

go over your gear. You will be wanting a variety of different kinds of weaponry to get through here. Be sure that you have Fire, Shock and Corrosive-type weaponry on hand. If you have a Shock-type sniper rifle, this is a great time to bring it out. This is also a good time to have a Rocket Launcher in the wing just in case you need it.

Optional Objective: Kill 25 Hyperion with Critical Hits

Wave 1
This wave can be seen as unusually, but it is nothing short of challenging. It begins with a number of Repair Surveyors in the air with at least one Badass one mixed in. Start firing on them immediately while heading for some cover. Be wary though, as the Surveyors are drawing your attention away from the Hyperion Snipers that are appearing in the Northwestern part of the map. Deal with the Surveyors as they come into your life of sight but otherwise focus on the Snipers and taking them out as they represent the bigger threat.

Wave 2
This starts just a little after you get through the Snipers. On the Southern side of the map a number of BUL Loaders will be released. Mixed in will be a few ION Loaders as well, but they appear after you have taken down a few of the first BUL Loaders.

Wave 3
This is where the waves start to get more challenging. You have a number of HOT Loaders come in to join the fray after the last of the ION Loaders from the last wave drop. They will be appearing from the South so be ready for them. After that, from the North, some WAR Loaders will be dropping in on you. The mix can be very lethal so keep an eye on your health and be ready to run for cover or toward something. If you are getting low on health, consider your Rocket Launcher as a means of getting a second wind in either this wave or the next one.

Wave 4
This wave is simple but it is hard. You have a Constructor drop in with a Badass Surveyor as aid along with the usual small array of Repair Surveyors. From there you just need to take out the Constructor to deal with the biggest threat. Just be ready as it can turn out things quickly. Once the Surveyors are down, the Constructor, as always, gets much easier to defeat.

Wave  5
This is a very difficult wave. Not too much for the raw challenge of the enemies, but for their tendency to explode. There are a number of EXP Loaders for you to kill/evade in this wave. They are backed up by a good number RPG Loaders so be careful after the EXP Loaders have been dealt with. Fight carefully and keep on the move.

Wave 6
After the last wave, fighting Engineers almost seems like a joke but it is a small reprieve. Just remember those Engineers can still kill you without too much trouble. They also come with at least 2 Badass Loaders for you to kill as well. Good luck getting through them. Still, you make it through here and you finish the round. Hold on and be careful.

Rewards: 4180 XP, $3019