Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 121 – Hyperion Circle of Slaughter: Round 3

Before heading in, just take a moment to restock all your ammunition. If the game is hinting at needing a lot, it usually means you need a lot.

Optional Objective: Kill 20 Hyperion with Critical Hits

Wave 1
This wave starts with PWR, GUN and EXP Loaders. It is not an easy way to get the number of critical kills that you are after. Move in close for the PWR Loaders so your shots will not get deflected. After that, just blast away at them to make sure they go down without much difficulty. It feels like a short wave but the challenge more than makes up for it.

Wave 2
This wave typically has HOT and JET Loaders. If you have the Dahlminator from “The Lost Treasure”, you are in good shape to deal with the flight capabilities of the JET Loaders. Otherwise you will want a good Corrosive-type Shotgun or SMG to get some good spread to hit the high speed JET Loaders while they are flying. These will come at you from the Northeastern part of the arena.

Wave 3
This wave has you going up against Engineers and RPG Loaders. Keep your distance from the RPG Loaders as they are deadly in close range. Move around and do what you can to take out the Engineers.

Wave 4
This wave starts in the Southern part of the arena. At first it seems like all you will be dealing with are ION Loaders from the South. That is the start. Fight your way through those and Surveyors will join the fray to make your life a bit more difficult.

Wave 5
This wave starts with a Constructor dropping in. it comes into play with a number of Surveyors as well as one that is a Badass Surveyor. Take that one out as quickly as you can. After that things get a little easier if you keep some distance between the Constructor and you. It is not an easy foe. Still, with patience, a constant use of cover and a steady trigger hand you will take home victory for this round of the Slaughter.

Rewards: 4180 XP, $3019