Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 120 – Hyperion Circle of Slaughter: Round 2

Sell of whatever you found during the last round. It is time to turn around and head back into the arena to square off against the next set of Hyperion forces for the prize at the end of the 5 rounds. You will want to some either a full stock of grenades or at least one alternative weapon you can use that can inflict Explosive-Type damage. It is needed to make this round a bit easier to get through.

Optional Objective: Kill 15 Hyperion with Critical Hits

Wave 1
The first wave comes from the Northeastern part of the map, this means it begins with Engineers. Be sure you have a good, accurate rifle. This is the time to stock up on those Critical Hit kills which are much harder to get later on in the waves. You may encounter a number of EXP Loaders in the beginning as well so keep moving and keep something between them and you. That or just blast off their legs to stop them from charging at you so fast.

Wave 2
This one starts with the annoying ION Loaders. Get close and inflict as much corrosive damage as you can before they start their shields. Remember that going into the shield will result in you getting blasted by burst of electricity. These are followed quickly by some BUL Loaders. Here is where the Explosive-Type weaponry comes in handy as it will get around its partial shield. If nothing else, grenades work very well too or an elevated position.

Wave 3
This wave again throws a different type of Loader at you: PWR. Remember they can deflect bullets shot at them so be on guard when attacking. Move in close so you can trick them into using their melee attack and opening themselves up. Again, Explosive-Type weaponry is your best friend here. After that you have more WAR Loaders at the end of the wave to deal with

Wave 4
The final wave has Hyperion Snipers coming into play. They are aided by a number of Engineers that will come charging at you. Keep to cover and move around carefully after you kill off the Engineers. Use the laser sights to track down the Snipers and finish them off quickly to make your life a lot easier.

Reward: 3945 XP, $2696