Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 119 – Hyperion Circle of Slaughter: Round 1

Welcome to the second and final Circle of Slaughter that Moxxi has set up. This one is run by a Hyperion Loader that she has reprogrammed to talk almost entirely in innuendo. Time for you to start into the next set of challenges found in the arena. For this set you will want to have fire and corrosive-type weaponry as you will be facing all manner of Loaders. It starts with longer rounds than what you were working with in Fink's so be ready for it. Head on over to the double doors and wait for them to open. Follow the walkway to the elevator and take it down. Once at the bottom simply approach the circle in the center to begin the first wave.

Optional Objective: Kill 10 Hyperion with Critical Hits

Wave 1
these will mostly come from the Southern edge of the area. You will be dealing with numerous GUN and Badass Loaders for your first wave. Use some of this time to learn where you can suffer instant death, namely the Northern edge of the arena, and where the various spots of cover are. This is not a bad time to just get the optional objective out of the way.

Wave 2
This wave has a lot of Combat Engineers so head to the Northern edge which is nearby where they are appearing from. Head onto the scaffolding carefully as jumping can result in a plunge into the lava and end the round. This is nothing too bad honestly and feels like a short wave to be going through.

Wave 3
The final wave is, as usual, the hardest one. You need to fight through a small number of WAR Loaders. They are not alone as there are a small number of Repair Surveyors around as well. If you keep good track of the Surveyors and take them down quickly, then the WAR Loaders become a lot simpler to deal with over time as they no longer have shields or get repaired.

Rewards: 3945 XP, $2696