Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 118 – Fink's Slaughterhouse Sidequests: Bandit Slaughter: Round 5

Optional Objective: Kill 50 Bandits with Critical Hits

Time to start into the final round at the Bandit Slaughterhouse. Be sure that you have all your SDUs for weapon capacity. Having all 4 weapons is invaluable for this Round in particular. Also, consider having a Rocket Launcher on hand. Go for the biggest magazine you can. This is just to give you a last ditch item to use when fighting for your life. Rockets are your best friend for getting quick kills against very large and hardy foes. It makes life a lot easier. Just be sure to reload it as soon as you recover as those things have horrible reload times. Focus on crowds as much as possible to just deal with the worst of your foes

Wave 1
Start this wave and be ready for just about anything. It begins with Marauders and Suicide Psychos. Just remember that killing the Suicide  Psycho still leaves an unexploded and counting down grenade.
 Defeat all of them and you have a wave of Heavy Goliaths. They are backed up by a few Suicide Psychos, regular Psychos and a Badass Psycho. This is not an easy time.

Wave 2
This starts, most likely, with a group of Rats. Most Field but there are a few Lab Rats in there as well. After that comes a smaller wave of just Field and Tunnel Rats. Just keep moving and use cover to deal with them as best you can. Get through them and you will make it onto the next wave

Wave 3
This wave starts with Goliaths and Psychos. You have a number of Psychos and some Suicide in there as well. Keep this in mind as you move around the arena. Get through the Goliaths and it is onto dealing with a number of Nomad Torturers with Midgets on their shields. Aim carefully and you get the critical on the shield then on the nomad while he is recoiling. Defeat them and you have a small wave of Rats and Suicide Psychos to deal with. The change to Wave 4 is sometime around now.

Wave 4
Just after you get through all the Nomads you have a new threat: Buzzards. You need to pull something corrosive to deal with them. Work quickly. If they are giving you a lot of trouble head to the lower area of the arena where you can find more cover from the missiles and gun fire from the buzzards above you. With all the confusion around the buzzards remember that they will drop a number of Airborne Marauders. Kill them off quickly to cut down on the crossfire you need to deal with. After that start focusing on the Psychos and Bruisers who have made an appearance. This does include some Burning Psychos so be warned. Defeat them and more Buzzards will appear. This does include at least 1 Badass Buzzard so be ready for that with at least 2 Badass Psychos as well. Get through them and it is onto the final wave.

Wave 5
Things start with a bang as a good chunk of the first wave seems to contain a lot of Suicide Psychos. Fight on the move and do not stop moving until you have killed all the Suicide Psychos. This is followed quickly by Badass Marauders and a Badass Nomad so be warned. Kill them and it is a small wave of Badass Goliaths to kill next. This is why you have the rocket launcher, in case you get down at times like this, which are increasing likelihood. Survive this and the small wave after and you will coming the first Circle of Slaughter

Rewards: 3063 XP, Blue Assault Rifle (Unique: The Hail)