Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 117 – Fink's Slaughterhouse Sidequests: Bandit Slaughter: Round 4

Optional Objective: Kill 35 Bandits with Critical Hits

Wave 1
Apparently this now includes Buzzards and has 4 waves. This makes it a lot harder to begin with as Buzzards are armored and very annoying to take down. If you happen to have of completed “The Lost Treasure” then you will have an easier time of completing this part of the wave. They are of course accompanied with Airborne Marauders. Defeat them and you will face down a wave of Nomad Torturers with Midgets on their shields. These are followed by Field Rats and Marauders.

Wave 2
Defeat them and you will have a Badass psycho come out at you with some Marauder support. Tear through them and one more wave of Marauders. They are followed by a small squad of buzzards coming in and attacking. Defeat them and kill off the Airborne Marauders to get through to the midpoint of this struggle.

Wave 3
here is where the Suicide psychos start to appear and to come after you. After them come a large number of Tunnel Rats for you to deal with. Just keep moving and be on guard against them. They are quickly followed by a smaller wave of Goliaths. Kill off the Badass ones quickly then focus on any others.

Wave 4
This is the final wave to get through for this round. It starts with Suicide, Burning and regular Psychos. Add in some Shotgun midgets and things are looking a bit tricky. Get through those and you have a wave of Buzzards to cut through as well. Defeat them or get them to retreat then you have more to deal with in the form of a Badass Nomad. Just mop up whatever is left around you and everything is done for this round.

Rewards: 2659 XP, $1366