Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 116 – Fink's Slaughterhouse Sidequests: Bandit Slaughter: Round 3

Optional Objective: Kill 20 Bandits with Critical Hits

Wave 1
This begins with nothing but Rats: Field, Lab and Midget. Defeat that mass of Rats and you have them followed by more Lab Rats. Get through these Lab Rats and you are onto the next wave. Remember to keep moving throughout this. Those Rats can be very deadly up close so putting something between you and them is never a bad idea.

Wave 2
This wave seems a lot easier at its start with all the Marauders that you are dealing with. They are a nice little break after the Rats from the first wave. After them come more Tunnel Rats and a good number of them. It is not hard to take them down even en mass as they do not present the same threat that a variety of Rats do. It just seems easier at least. This round finishes with a wave of Goliaths, one of which is caustic. It helps to know in advance.

Wave 3
This round start with a lot of Marauders, mostly Elites and Killer ones. A nice change after dealing with the Goliaths at the end of the last wave. Kill them off and you have a lot of Rats come out at you. This includes Midget and Field. You also have the return of the Suicide and Burning Psychos. Remember to keep moving when dealing with these foes. When Fink gives the call out that you are almost done is when the really big enemies start appearing. It begins with a Badass Psycho backed up by numerous Rats. This unfortunately tends to include Rat Thieves so watch out for them. Just blast them away and it will be easy to get through this challenge and move onto the next round here.

Rewards: 2659 XP, $2049 with Bonus