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Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 115 – Fink's Slaughterhouse Sidequests: Bandit Slaughter: Round 2
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 12/28/2012
A series of articles covering Borderlands 2. This covers the mission, "Bandit Slaughter: Round 2" where the Vault Hunter gets through the second round of Bandit Slaughter.

Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 115 – Fink's Slaughterhouse Sidequests: Bandit Slaughter: Rounds 2

Round 1
Optional Objective: Kill 15 Bandits with Critical Hits

Wave 1
This massive round has you going against Marauders, Burning Psychos and plenty of Suicide Psychos mixed in with a pair of Badass Goliaths to deal with as well. Be wary as there are Rat Thieves who can steal your money so it makes it a lot harder to keep some wealth if you are constantly getting robbed by them. Just remember to kill them quickly so they cannot put the money into their stash and make it vanish. They are typically accompanied by a pair of Lab Rats. Nothing is ever easy in this place.

Wave 2
Once again expect a lot of Suicide Psychos. These are nothing easy to deal with as there are a lot of them. This means watching for them and hoping the appear below the central platform. This round concludes with a Badass Psycho coming out and trying to get you.

Wave 3
This does not have an easy start. It looks simple until the mass of Goliaths make their apperance. Then things get a lot harder. Just after Fink announces you are nearly there is when the round will start with a Badass Goliath and a number of Badass Psychos being released. This is the hardest point of the round so you just need to press through here before you are done with it. Keep to height as it will slow the Psychos down a little and make them a little less of a threat.

Rewards: 2281 XP, $816 ($1633 with Bonus)