Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 114 – Talon Of God: The Final Battle

Head into the Vault of the Warrior. You have a chance to reload and enjoy an enemy free walk for a change. Head on forward through the path to the elevator. Take it on down. Near the base of it you will find Vending machines nearby the Fast Travel machine. The Fast travel is one way. If you leave you will need to fight your way back through Hero's Pass. While you can run it, it is still not recommended just yet. Take the time to restock on all your ammo and sell off any extra weapons. Time for the final fights of the main story line. Head down the path and jump the final ledge. There you will find, to the left, an ammo dump. Once every 99 seconds you can return there to restock on some of your ammo. Keep this in mind for the fight that is just beyond you. Approach Lilith with the Eridium Vault Key circling her. Start with a weapon that has Shock-type damage so you are ready.

Notes for the coming battles
Above you are Rakks. While they pose no threat, they are your lifeline. If either Jack or the Warrior down you, start shooting skyward to take out a rakk. This will get you that desperately needed second wind.

The fisrt part of the fight is not that hard. IT helps a lot to have a damage over time effect if only to track the real Jack a lot easier. He will split into numerous images and his real self. The images will vanish if hit hard enough but it still takes some bullets to do. Try to melee them as much as possible to save yourself some trouble. Start blasting him when he stops moving around to use his beam attack. This is your best opening to tear through his shield and get to Jack himself. Just run and fire at all other times. After that, you will meet the Warrior.

The Warrior
Jack was the easy one. Loot when you can immediate after the fight with Jack in the small window you have to get what you need to deal with this big and very mad monster. Let us talk attacks. The Warrior has a number of them that you need to worry about. First, it can raise the lava in the Vault area. This means making a run for the high ground that is in the form of the cube shaped blocks that dot the area. The second attack is a tail slam. This is a solid chance of simply downing you and it will also send the Vault Hunter flying. Here is one of those times where the removal of falling damage is great. The third attack is the Warrior's ability to launch Fireballs at you. This is nothing but bad. Do not let them connect more than once. The first you may just survive, but that is about it.

Now for the targeting. The Warrior is mortal enough to be killed. This means that you can take it. First, keep moving and use whatever cover you can when you see its fire incoming. When firing, you want to aim for its Mouth, heart or rib cage. If you can hit the breastplates enough they will break away and reveal its Heart. Shooting this will vastly increase the amount of damage it is taking. If you can defeat it without shooting its heart then you will get an achievement.

Fighting the Warrior
As much as possible, keep near the center of the arena. Jack controls the Warrior by shouting out commands. You cannot hear it from everywhere in the arena. If you are close, you can hear what Jack is saying and use it to anticipate what the Warrior is going to do. Just keep something between you and the Warrior, some caution and quick reflexes and it will not be long before you take home victory.

Congratulations on beating the Main Story of Borderlands 2!