Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 112 – Talon Of God: Hero's Pass

This is not an easy area to navigate in the least. It starts simple in the Guardian Slap Heap without any real concerns. You have a few BUL Loaders to contend with in at first and a small Hyperion Squad. Get to the top of the first slope and that small squad becomes something much bigger and nastier. You have more of what you were fighting so it will take some time to get through them all. Once through that group, or as you fight it, press onto the East.

When you reach the end of the first platform you will encounter a big ship from Hyperion that will send out a number of troops. You can deal with them quickly, but it is not a big concern. A little after that Mordecai and Brick will come through on the ship that they stole a little while ago. Just wait out what Brick is doing and get over to the Hyperion Shield Door. Brick will smash it down and it is time to start fighting again. You have a number of Hyperion Soldiers after a jump over a river of molten lava.

Be careful while you are fighting on this platform. The few EXP Loaders can knock you off the platform to your doom. The Hyperion Snipers should also be a priority target thanks to the damage they can inflict. Fight through them all and head over to the South where Brick is. Follow him onto the next section of enemies.

On this bridge you have Hyperion Hawks and a number of Loaders. Just after that it becomes a matter of simpel survival. You need to fight through the waves of WAR and SGT Loaders that appear while Mordecai circles around take out the shield blocking your way forward. Use the cargo containers on the sides when you need some shelter to restore shields or regenerate health.

Wait for the shield to drop before charging through it. Brick and Mordecai look to be gone now so press on hard. This area is no exception to what you have been dealing with. There are WAR, GUN and SGT Loaders coming at you in addition to a Construct being deployed as well. Defeat them and head over to the East. When you turn to the North is when the fighting will be resuming.

Head up toward the next bridge. You have more Loaders appearing and some Hyperion Soldiers with a Combat Engineer. Be careful on the far side of the bridge. You have a Super Badass Loader to deal with. It will not go up the stairs so use those to keep it from killing you. Just open fire on it and blast away until it goes down. Head down the stairs and go to the Southeast. You are getting close to the exit of Hero's Path.

Just after the Badass Loader, you will notice a cargo ship come in and drop off a Badass Constructor. This is never good and you need to fight that thing next. You need to get down to the level it is on quickly once it starts firing on you. This thing can kill you a lot and easily thanks to all the aid that it brings. Still, cut through the soldiers and things will get easier. If you are having a lot of trouble head along the bottom ledge over to the Southern point. There you will find a loot chest. Open it up and claim what you want. After that, it makes ideal cover to pop in and out of to deal with the Constructor without it sending any more Loaders after you. Just fight the Constructor from there and in a short while it will  go down. Once it does, make a run for the door behind it. Behind here is the Vault of the Warrior.