Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 112 – Talon Of God: Accessing Hero's Path

Once in the Eridium Blight, call out a vehicle and head over to the nearby gate into the Hyperion complex to the South of you. Head to the Southwest once through, toward the marker. From there just head over to the New-U station where Claptrap is waiting. Time to make a movie against the door barring the way into Hero's pass.

Approach the door with Claptrap. He will eventually cloak himself and it is your job to defend him while he works at hacking into the door controls to open the door. For this part stand in front of the massive door to Hero's Pass and let the GUN Loaders come to you.

After Claptrap gets to the door and attempts to open the doors, he will close the secondary doors and get additional troops sent it. Open fire on the GUN and HOT Loaders that appear. Do your best to keep something between you and the HOT Loaders to stay in the fight a little longer.

If at all possible, avoid using your action skill, you may want it later in the fight and when the turrets deploy, you want to have a choice.

The turrets at this location present a choice to you. You can destroy them and have them out of the way or you can avoid their fire. A while later Claptrap will succeed in hacking into the turrets and you will be given the turrets as allies. At this point you need to defend the turrets and keep them alive through the rest of the fight. This is not too hard to do with a good action skill and plenty of well aimed shots. It gets easier with some help in a co-op game but it is just manageable, if very tricky, to do in a single player game.

At this point the battle does heat up a lot. You have GUN, WAR and Badass Loaders dropping into the fray. Just open fire and keep firing on every Loader who crosses you. Just keep it up until the Hyperion Voice announces that the reinforcements are depleted. It takes several minutes for this so just keep alive and stay mobile.

When the fight is over, head over to the door and wait for it to open. Claptrap will be defeated by stairs and tells you to go on alone. Head on up the stairs toward Hero's Pass. Head on up and through to the next area.