Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 111 – Talon Of God: Talk with Your Friends

Time to move onto the final preparation toward getting at Handsome Jack. Mordecai tells you to talk with your friends. Now, you can get some nice equipment by talking with the various people around Sancutary. This means that you should talk to everyone except Claptrap.

Talk with Tannis
She is just downstairs from Mordecai, making her a good starting point for the extra objectives. She will likely give you a relic. Grab it from her and head on out to the streets.

Talk with Dr. Zed
As always, Zed can be found in his clinic. Just head on over there and talk with him to see what he will give you. This is likely a nice shield.

Talk with Scooter
As you head into the Garage, take a little time to let Ellie and Scooter talk. You can actually see the familial bond in this rare case. After that, talk with Scooter to see what he will give you. They will likely give you a grenade mod.

Having talked with the first 3, the remaining few people will appear now.

Talk with Moxxi and Sir Hammerlock
Head over to Moxxxi's where you can find both Moxxi and Hammerlock. They will both give you different guns. Grab them and head for the final person to talk with.

Talk with Marcus
This guy maybe one of the best war profiteers on the planet but he still shows something of a good side once in a while. He will give you a gun. Feel free to sell off all excessive items at this point. You are moving onto the final part of the game and only want the best you can get your hands on. Tiny Tina will ECHO you and read you a poem she wrote for you.

Talk with Claptrap
Head over to Claptrap's Secret Stash as the little robot is most likely there. Talk with him to get the next part of the mission under way. He will tell you to head for the Eridium Blight. It is about time to end this. Head over to the Fast Travel Station and head out to the Eridium Blight. Time to set into one of the last missions of the game.

If you want to do any more side quests, now is the time to do them.