Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 110 – Arid Nexus Sidequests: Hungry Like The Skag

There are a lot of skags to kill in Arid Nexus. From one of them, at random, you will get the ECHO Recorder that will start this mission. It seems most common from the skags just South of Fyrestone. Enjoy the recording of Carlos the Bandit until the screaming when it gets really good.

With that Marcus will ask you to begin hunting down skags to collect the 4 separate pieces. Within the Arid Nexus there are 4 main concentrations of skag population. One is just a little South of Fyrestone, above T.K. Baha's old cabin. The next 2 are to the East and West of it. This puts one of them just to the North of the entry point from the Boneyard and one near the Southwestern border of the Arid Nexus. The final skag population is found in the Northwestern corner of the area.

This is a random drop mission so it is best to not focus on it too hard unless you want that new assault rifle. If you want to farm them then there are a few things you can do. First it takes around 25 minutes of just wandering around on the map for the skag dens to refill. If you want to do this more quickly then leave the map and return. With the location of the Boneyard exit, this is not too hard to do. Just run around a lot and kill plenty of skags.

When you get all the pieces Marcus will tell you to come back and he will assemble the gun for you. Head back to Fyrestone Bounty Board whenever is good for you to turn in this quest.

Rewards: 7430 XP, $1203, Blue Assault Rifle