Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 109 – Arid Nexus Sidequests: Uncle Teddy

Accept this mission and you will need to head for the Una Baha's Uncle's Cabin. This means that you will be learning a little more about T.K. Baha from the first Borderlands. Head out of Fyrestone and to the South.

You will find his hut just to the South of Fyrestone past a skag den. Once you make it there head into the cabin. His niece will contact you again and tell you that inside the house you will need to find a hidden lever to gain access to the basement. You will find the lever in the center of the cabin. Look for the ceiling fan. There you will notice a Lucky Spirits medallion hanging from it. Head  over to it and give it a pull. This will open up the basement trapdoor behind you. Get on down into the basement. You will find a lot of lockers and lock boxes down here. Loot them all for lots of money and ammo.

First Piece of Evidence
Head to the shelf opposite the Marcus Munitions machine. There is a small safe to the right of the locket. Open it up to find the first piece of evidence

Second Piece of Evidence
Head down the hallway. At the next corner you will see a locker to the right of some shelving with a small safe on it. Look inside it to find the next piece of evidence.

Third Piece of Evidence
Head over to the stairs and down them. Go over to the workbench with the beer on it opposite the stairs. There is a small lock box on the left-hand side of it. Open it up to find the next piece of evidence.

Fourth Piece of Evidence
Turn to the North and head over to the long row of lockers in the Northwestern corner of the basement. Open them up to find the next piece of evidence.

Fifth Piece of Evidence
Move onto the desk held up by the barrels. Open up the lock boxes and safes. In one of them you will find the next ECHO recording that you are looking for.

Sixth Piece of Evidence
Head over to the Northeastern corner of the basement with the lockers and lock boxes on the floor. Open them up. The right-hand lock box seems to have the final ECHO Recorder.

Head back to the Marcus Munitions Vending machine. On the left-hand side of it you will find the lever. Pull it to open a hidden compartment on the Vending machine. Now you will have a choice. You can either turn it over to Una Baha so she can sue the pants of Hyperion (and you get a Unique pistol) by going to the Fyrestone bounty board or send it into Hyperion using the P.O. Box found near the Fast Travel station (and you get a unique Shotgun). The choice is yours.

Rewards: 3715 XP, $1203, Una Baha – Blue Pistol  (The Lady Fist)/Hyperion Blue Shotgun (The Tidal Wave)