Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 108 – Arid Nexus Sidequests: Get To Know Jack

Accept this mission from the Fyrestone Bounty Board. Mordecai will ask you to hunt down 5 ECHO recorders that tell something about Handsome Jack. The first 2 are found in the Badlands while the remaining 3 are located back in the Boneyard. It takes some time to collect them all but it does paint an interesting picture of Jack. These can be collected in any order.

ECHO Recording 1
Head over to the North from Fyrestone. To get there head out to the South of Fyrestone then ehad over to the West just a little. You will find a small passage in the rocks. This will lead you to a former bandit camp now overrun with JNK Loaders. Kill all of them and look for Bonehead 2.0. It is final one and the toughest of the bunch. Shoot anything that glows on it for criticals. After that just focus on heading to the North and East. There is a small hut in that corner with the ECHO Recording you are looking for.

ECHO Recording 2
Head to the East along the Northern side of the Arid Nexus. Fight through the JNK Loaders to the get through to the Western side of the Badlands past Fyrestone. You will arrive at the Arid Nexus Bus Stop, where the first game began. Be careful as you may encounter SATURN, a large Loader determined to kill you. Otherwise head along the Western side and look for the trash container. Hop onto that and run then jump for the roof to your right. Turn to the right from there and head onto the top of the roof. Open the loot chest on top of the bus stop for an achievement and to the left of it you will find the ECHO Recording you are looking for.

ECHO Recording 3
Head on back to the Arid Nexus Boneyard. Head over to the Eastern side of it. There you will find the Loader Maintenance Depot. Here you want to defeat all the Loaders and the Combat Engineers who are around. Head over to the North of it. There you will find a Hyperion Container. Approach it and deal with the EXP Loaders inside it. With them down head inside it to claim the next recording.

ECHO Recording 4
Head to the Southwestern corner of the Boneyard. There is a small Hyperion Outpost there. Stop at it to find the next recording in the garage. You will need to get through a few engineers and Loaders to get it though.

ECHO Recording 5
Head to the Northern part of the Boneyard. Here you will find a Windmill you need to turn on to get at the Rakk nest that has the recording. To do that you need to power up the Windmill. There is a generator to the Northeast of it. Search around it for the switch. Throw it and a number of Rakks will attack you. Kill the marked one and you will find the final ECHO Recording for you. Now head back to the Fyrestone Bounty Board to turn it in.

Rewrds: 3715 XP, $601, Blue Sniper Rifle/Blue Sniper Rifle