Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 107 – Data Mining: The Badlands

Just charge at it using the ramp and ram it. The pipe burst when you slam into it. After that, get out and head on in. Turn to the North and start running through the pipe. This will lead you right to the Transmix Station. As you enter the Transmix station be careful leaving the pipe. Head over to the left and jump up onto the piping coming out of the wall. Climb from there to the next platform and from there onto the nearby ladder. Take that up and then head over to the East toward the marker. Things are not going to be easy. You have a few Surveyors doing flybys with a Loader and a Combat Engineer. Fight through them and go into the next area.

Just run North once you cross over into the Badlands. Just head to the Northwest to find the Information Stockade itself. You need to head through the town to find your way on through to the elevator that will lead up to it. Be careful as a new type of Loader awaits you here: JNK Loaders. They are close to GUN Loaders but slightly more durable. Fight your way through the first wave and up to the first gate inside the town. Just fight your way through to the Northern side of town. This has been the easy part.

As you emerge at the old Fyrestone Bus Stop you will encounter the Saturn Loader. This massive Loader stands between you and the Info Stockade. You have two choices: Fight or Run.

Fighting Saturn
Saturn is massive and this can be used to your advantage. You also have the entirety of the Fyrestone Bus stop to use as cover. Circling around this bus stop makes your life a lot easier than using most of the other cover that is available around here. The main reason for this is the splash damage from the rockets and shots that Saturn can fire at you. Running around this and keep it between you and Saturn when you need to restore your health and shields is a useful thing. More importantly, do not fire on the turrets. They only add a little damage and serve a second use. Saturn has a few attacks but they are what you need to worry about. First, it can launch a laser barrage on you. Any few of these will strip down your health and shield. It can also unleash a barrage of rockets. These you need some distance between you and your cover to avoid the splash damage from it. Aside from that, spend a lot of the battle running around looking for good shots on Saturn.

If Saturn manages to down you, then you need to fire on the turrets unless Saturn is nearly down himself. These turrets go down after only a few hits making them perfect for a quick recovery from “Fight for your life”.

Running from Saturn
This is notably easier than trying to take on Saturn. Once Saturn appears you need to start running for the lift that sits in the Northeastern corner of the Badlands. Immediately take that lift up and start sprinting along the highway. Wave and jump along it using cover to keep something between it and you. You just need to make it over to the next set of Loaders that are around the corner, not long after the transmission from Lilith and Jack.

Just make it to the end of the Highway and you need to take down a Badass Loader. After that just head to the left and into the Information Stockade. Head on up the few sets of stairs to make it to the top of the Stockade. There you will need to fight through a number of Loaders: ION, SGT and EXP. Defeat them all and head tot he Southwestern corner. There you will find the Info Terminal you are looking for. Just access it and you can complete this mission. Just be careful of the last few Loaders that will appear. After that, head back to Sanctuary.